Endorsements by state officials of presidential candidates in the 2012 election

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StateLegislatures icon.jpg This state legislative article is currently in the process of being built.

This page tracks state officials who have endorsed a candidate in the 2012 presidential election. Individauls listed on this page will include:

  • Governors
  • Lieutenant Governors
  • State Senators
  • State representatives
  • Other state executive officials

  1. Aaron Schock (R), U.S. House, Illinois, District 18
  2. Adam Driggs (R), Arizona State Senate District 28
  3. Adam Putnam (R), Florida Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services
  4. Al Landis (R), Ohio House of Representatives District 98
  5. Alberta Darling (R), Wisconsin State Senate District 8
  6. Alex Atwood (R), Georgia House of Representatives District 179
  7. Alex DeCroce (R), New Jersey General Assembly District 26
  8. Alfred Graf (R), New York State Assembly District 5
  9. Allen Peake (R), Georgia House of Representatives District 141
  10. Amy Handlin (R), New Jersey General Assembly District 13
  11. Amy Perkins (R), New Hampshire House of Representatives, Rockingham 20
  12. Ander Crenshaw (R), U.S. House, Florida, District 4
  13. Andrew Ciesla (R), New Jersey State Senate District 10
  14. Andy Hill (R), Washington State Senate District 45
  15. Andy Tobin (R), Arizona House of Representatives District 1
  16. Angelo Saviano (R), Illinois House of Representatives District 77
  17. Ann Rivers (R), Washington State Senate District 18
  18. Anne Gonzales (R), Ohio House of Representatives District 19
  19. Anthony Bucco (R), New Jersey State Senate District 25
  20. Anthony Bucco, Jr. (R), New Jersey General Assembly District 25
  21. Anthony Ligi (R), Louisiana House Of Representatives District 79
  22. Antonietta Boucher (R), Connecticut State Senate District 26
  23. Aric Nesbitt (R), Michigan House of Representatives, District 66
  24. B.J. Nikkel (R), Colorado House of Representatives District 49
  25. B.J. Pak (R), Georgia House of Representatives District 108
  26. Barbara Cegavske (R), Nevada State Senate, District 8
  27. Barbara Comstock (R), Virginia House of Delegates District 34
  28. Barrett Rich (R), Tennessee House Of Representatives District 94
  29. Barry Palmer (R), New Hampshire House of Representatives, Hillsborough 32
  30. Ben Harbin (R), Georgia House of Representatives District 122
  31. Ben Kieckhefer (R), Nevada State Senate, District 16
  32. Ben Ysursa (R), Idaho Secretary of State
  33. Bert Brackett (R), Idaho State Senate District 23
  34. Beth Harwell (R), Tennessee House Of Representatives District 56
  35. Betsy McKinney (R), New Hampshire House of Representatives, Rockingham 5
  36. Bill Bolling (R), Lieutenant Governor of Virginia
  37. Bill Hamrick (R), Georgia State Senate District 30
  38. Bill Haslam (R), Governor of Tennessee
  39. Bill Hinkle (R), Washington House of Representatives District 13b
  40. Bill Huizenga (R), U.S. House, Michigan, District 2
  41. Bill Ketron (R), Tennessee State Senate District 13
  42. Bill Mitchell (R), Illinois House of Representatives District 101
  43. Bill Shuster (R), U.S. House, Pennsylvania, District 9
  44. Billy Long (R), U.S. House, Missouri, District 7
  45. Blaine Galliher (R), Alabama House of Representatives District 30
  46. Bob Gardner (R), Colorado House of Representatives District 20
  47. Bob McDonnell (R), Governor of Virginia
  48. Bob Morton (R), Washington State Senate District 7
  49. Bob Oaks (R), New York State Assembly District 130
  50. Bob Robson (R), Arizona House of Representatives District 18
  51. Bob Stump (R), Arizona Corporation Commission
  52. Brad Little (R), Lieutenant Governor of Idaho
  53. Brian Bilbray (R), U.S. House, California, District 50
  54. Brian Calley (R), Lieutenant Governor of Michigan
  55. Brian Crain (R), Oklahoma State Senate District 39
  56. Brian Kelsey (R), Tennessee State Senate District 31
  57. Brian Kolb (R), New York State Assembly District 131
  58. Brian Krolicki (R), Lieutenant Governor of Nevada
  59. Brian Langley (R), Maine State Senate, District 28
  60. Brian Rumpf (R), New Jersey General Assembly District 9
  61. Brian Sandoval (R), Governor of Nevada
  62. Briggs Hopson (R), Mississippi State Senate District 23
  63. Bruce Bickford (R), Maine House of Representatives, District 63
  64. Bruce Dammeier (R), Washington State Senate District 25
  65. Bruce Goodwin (R), Ohio House of Representatives District 74
  66. Bruce Poliquin (R), U.S. House, Maine, District 2
  67. Bruce Williamson (R), Georgia House of Representatives District 115
  68. Buck McKeon (R), U.S. House, California, District 25
  69. Butch Otter (R), Governor of Idaho
  70. Calvin Hill (R), Georgia House of Representatives District 22
  71. Cam Ward (R), Alabama State Senate District 14
  72. Candice Miller (R), U.S. House, Michigan, District 10
  73. Carl Seidel (R), New Hampshire House of Representatives, Hillsborough 28
  74. Carole Murray (R), Colorado House of Representatives District 45
  75. Caroline Casagrande (R), New Jersey General Assembly District 11
  76. Casey Eure (R), Mississippi House of Representatives, District 116
  77. Cathy Dahlquist (R), Washington House of Representatives District 31a
  78. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R), U.S. House, Washington, District 5
  79. Cecil Ash (R), Arizona House of Representatives District 18
  80. Cecil Staton (R), Georgia State Senate District 18
  81. Charles Bass (R), U.S. House, New Hampshire, District 2
  82. Charles Sargent, Jr. (R), Tennessee House Of Representatives District 61
  83. Charlie Dent (R), U.S. House, Pennsylvania, District 15
  84. Charlotte Vandervalk (R), New Jersey General Assembly District 39
  85. Cheri Gerou (R), Colorado House of Representatives District 25
  86. Cheryl Grossman (R), Ohio House of Representatives District 23
  87. Chris Brown, New Jersey (R), New Jersey General Assembly District 2
  88. Chris Christensen (R), New Hampshire House of Representatives, Hillsborough 21
  89. Chris Christie (R), Governor of New Jersey
  90. Chris Kapenga (R), Wisconsin State Assembly District 99
  91. Chris Peace (R), Virginia House of Delegates District 97
  92. Chris Widener (R), Ohio State Senate District 10
  93. Christine Radogno (R), Illinois State Senate District 41
  94. Christopher Bateman (R), New Jersey State Senate District 16
  95. Christopher Brown, New Jersey (R), New Jersey General Assembly District 8
  96. Christopher Connors (R), New Jersey State Senate District 9
  97. Christopher Coutu (R), Connecticut House of Representatives, District 47
  98. Christopher Rector (R), Maine State Senate District 22
  99. Chuck Morse (R), New Hampshire State Senate District 22
  100. Chuck Moss (R), Michigan State Senate, District 13
  101. Chuck Winder (R), Idaho State Senate District 20
  102. Cindy Acree (R), Colorado House of Representatives District 40
  103. Cindy Hyde-Smith (R), Mississippi Commissioner of Agriculture and Commerce
  104. Cliff Rosenberger (R), Ohio House of Representatives District 91
  105. Cole McNary (R), Missouri House of Representatives, District 86
  106. Connie Mack (R), U.S. House, Florida, District 14
  107. Conrad Appel (R), Louisiana State Senate, District 9
  108. Craig Newbold (R), Ohio House of Representatives District 1
  109. Cresent Hardy (R), Nevada State Assembly, District 19
  110. Curtis Halford (R), Tennessee House Of Representatives District 79
  111. Curtis Johnson (R), Tennessee House Of Representatives District 68
  112. Curtis Loftis, Jr. (R), South Carolina Treasurer
  113. Cynthia Lummis (R), U.S. House, Wyoming
  114. Dale Kooyenga (R), Wisconsin State Assembly District 14
  115. Dale Righter (R), Illinois State Senate District 55
  116. Dale Zorn (R), Michigan House of Representatives, District 56
  117. Dan Benishek (R), U.S. House, Michigan, District 1
  118. Dan Brown (R), Missouri State Senate, District 16
  119. Dan Dockstader (R), Wyoming State Senate District 16
  120. Dan Fabian (R), Minnesota House of Representatives, District 1A
  121. Dana Rohrabacher (R), U.S. House, California, District 48
  122. Daniel Burling (R), New York State Assembly District 147
  123. Daniel Knodl (R), Wisconsin State Assembly District 24
  124. Daniel Losquadro (R), New York State Assembly District 2
  125. Daniel Martiny (R), Louisiana State Senate, District 10
  126. Daniel McComas (R), North Carolina House of Representatives District 19
  127. Darlene Senger (R), Illinois House of Representatives District 41
  128. Darrell Issa (R), U.S. House, California, District 49
  129. Dave Albo (R), Virginia House of Delegates District 42
  130. Dave Burke (R), Ohio State Senate District 26
  131. Dave Camp (R), U.S. House, Michigan, District 4
  132. Dave Reichert (R), U.S. House, Washington, District 8
  133. Dave Winters (R), Illinois House of Representatives District 68
  134. Dave Yost (R), Ohio Auditor of State
  135. David Agema (R), Michigan House of Representatives District 74
  136. David Boutin (R), New Hampshire State Senate District 16
  137. David Casas (R), Georgia House of Representatives District 107
  138. David Harris (R), Illinois House of Representatives District 53
  139. David Hastings (R), Maine State Senate District 13
  140. David Luechtefeld (R), Illinois State Senate District 58
  141. David Lundgren (R), New Hampshire House of Representatives, Rockingham 5
  142. David Miller (Wyoming) (R), Wyoming State House, District 55
  143. David Palfrey (R), New Hampshire House of Representatives, Merrimack 21
  144. David Pearce (R), Missouri State Senate, District 21
  145. David R. Leitch (R), Illinois House of Representatives District 73
  146. David Rible (R), New Jersey General Assembly District 30
  147. David Russo (R), New Jersey General Assembly District 40
  148. David Scribner (R), Connecticut House of Representatives, District 107
  149. David Sessions (R), Alabama House of Representatives District 105
  150. David Smith (Arizona) (R), Arizona House of Representatives, District 15
  151. David Welch (R), New Hampshire House of Representatives, Rockingham 13
  152. David Wolfe, New Jersey (R), New Jersey General Assembly District 10
  153. Dawn Addiego (R), New Jersey State Senate District 8
  154. Dean Cameron (R), Idaho State Senate District 27
  155. Dean Cray (R), Maine House of Representatives, District 28
  156. Dean Heller (R), U.S. Senate, Nevada
  157. Dean Mortimer (R), Idaho State Senate District 30
  158. Dean Murray (R), New York State Assembly, District 3
  159. Dean Rhoads (R), Nevada State Senate, Northern District
  160. Deb Shaughnessy (R), Michigan House of Representatives District 71
  161. Debra Maggart (R), Tennessee House Of Representatives District 45
  162. Declan O'Scanlon, Jr. (R), New Jersey General Assembly District 13
  163. Delbert Hosemann (R), Mississippi Secretary of State
  164. Dell Raybould (R), Idaho House of Representatives District 34B
  165. Delus Johnson (R), Missouri House of Representatives, District 9
  166. Denise Coyle (New Jersey) (R), New Jersey General Assembly District 16
  167. Dennis Fields (R), New Hampshire House of Representatives, Belknap 4
  168. Dennis Reboletti (R), Illinois House of Representatives District 45
  169. Dennis Reed (R), New Hampshire House of Representatives, Merrimack 2
  170. Denton Darrington (R), Idaho State Senate District 27
  171. DiAnne Gove (R), New Jersey General Assembly District 9
  172. Diane Allen (R), New Jersey State Senate District 7
  173. Diane Black (R), U.S. House, Tennessee, District 6
  174. Don Benton (R), Washington State Senate District 17
  175. Don Bowen (R), South Carolina House District 8
  176. Donald Flanders (R), New Hampshire House of Representatives, Belknap 3
  177. Donna M. Jones (R), Idaho Controller
  178. Doris Goodale (R), Arizona House of Representatives District 5
  179. Duane Ankney (R), Montana House of Representatives, District 43
  180. Dustin Degree (R), Vermont State Senate, Franklin District
  181. Dwight Scharnhorst (R), Missouri House of Representatives, District 98
  182. Earl Sears (R), Oklahoma House of Representatives District 11
  183. Earle McCormick (R), Maine State Senate District 21
  184. Ed Sullivan, Jr. (R), Illinois House of Representatives District 51
  185. Ed Whitfield (R), U.S. House, Kentucky, District 1
  186. Edward Buttrey (R), Montana State Senate, District 13
  187. Edward Lindsey (R), Georgia House of Representatives District 54
  188. Edward Walker (R), Montana State Senate District 29
  189. Eileen Dickinson (R), Vermont House Of Representatives, Franklin 3-2
  190. Eileen Kowall (R), Michigan House of Representatives, District 44
  191. Elaine Harvey (R), Wyoming State House, District 26
  192. Eli Bebout (R), Wyoming State Senate District 26
  193. Elizabeth Halseth (R), Nevada State Senate, Clark 9
  194. Eric Anderson, Idaho Representative (R), Idaho House of Representatives District 1A
  195. Eric Cantor (R), U.S. House, Virginia, District 7
  196. Eric Skrmetta (R), Louisiana Public Service Commission District 1
  197. Erik Paulsen (R), U.S. House, Minnesota, District 3
  198. Erik Peterson (R), New Jersey General Assembly District 23
  199. Eugene Clarke (R), Mississippi State Senate, District 22
  200. Fran Millar (R), Georgia State Senate District 40
  201. Franco Coladipietro (R), Illinois House of Representatives District 45
  202. Frank Foster (R), Michigan House of Representatives, District 107
  203. Frank McNulty (R), Colorado House of Representatives District 43
  204. Franklin Foil (R), Louisiana House Of Representatives District 70
  205. Franklin Sterling (R), New Hampshire House of Representatives, Cheshire 14
  206. Franklin Tilton (R), New Hampshire House of Representatives, Belknap 3
  207. Fred Upton (R), U.S. House, Michigan, District 6
  208. Fred Wood (R), Idaho House of Representatives District 27B
  209. Gail Barry (R), New Hampshire House of Representatives, Hillsborough 16
  210. Garrett Mason (R), Maine State Senate, District 17
  211. Gary Chiusano (R), New Jersey General Assembly District 24
  212. Gary Finch (R), New York State Assembly District 126
  213. Gary Jones (R), Oklahoma Auditor and Inspector
  214. Gary Lambert (R), U.S. House, New Hampshire, District 2
  215. Gary R. Herbert (R), Governor of Utah
  216. Gary Reis (R), Vermont House Of Representatives, Caledonia 3
  217. Gary Tauchen (R), Wisconsin State Assembly District 6
  218. Gene Ward (R), Hawaii House of Representatives District 17
  219. George Amedore (R), New York State Senate, District 46
  220. Gerald McCormick (R), Tennessee House Of Representatives District 26
  221. Gerald Stebelton (R), Ohio House of Representatives District 77
  222. Glenn Ritter (R), New Hampshire House of Representatives, Rockingham 14
  223. Greg Brower (R), Nevada State Senate, District 15
  224. Greg Goggans (R), Georgia State Senate District 7
  225. Greg MacMaster (R), Michigan House of Representatives, District 105
  226. Greg Snowden (R), Mississippi House of Representatives, District 83
  227. Greg Walden (R), U.S. House, Oregon, District 2
  228. Gregory Clark (R), Vermont House Of Representatives, Addison 3
  229. Gregory McGuckin (R), New Jersey General Assembly District 10
  230. Guy Liebmann (R), Oklahoma House of Representatives District 82
  231. H. Doug Everett (R), Georgia Public Service Commission
  232. Hal Rogers (R), U.S. House, Kentucky, District 5
  233. Harry Brooks (R), Tennessee House Of Representatives District 19
  234. Harry Merrow (R), New Hampshire House of Representatives, Carroll 5
  235. Harry Shiver (R), Alabama House of Representatives District 64
  236. Heather Carter (R), Arizona House of Representatives District 15
  237. Herb Frierson (R), Mississippi House of Representatives, District 106
  238. Herbert Richardson (R), New Hampshire House of Representatives, Coos 4
  239. Holly Schepisi (R), New Jersey General Assembly District 39
  240. Howard Coble (R), U.S. House, North Carolina, District 6
  241. Howard Crawford, Jr. (R), Vermont House Of Representatives, Caledonia 4
  242. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R), U.S. House, Florida, District 27
  243. J.T. Wilcox (R), Washington House of Representatives 2b
  244. Jack Ciattarelli (R), New Jersey General Assembly District 16
  245. Jack Harper (R), Arizona House of Representatives District 4
  246. Jack Johnson (R), Tennessee State Senate District 23
  247. Jackson H. Miller (R), Virginia House of Delegates District 50
  248. Jaime Herrera Beutler (R), U.S. House, Washington, District 3
  249. James Conte (R), New York State Assembly District 10
  250. James Devine (R), New Hampshire House of Representatives, Rockingham 4
  251. James Dixon (R), North Carolina House of Representatives District 4
  252. James Hahn (R), Iowa State Senate District 40
  253. James Holzapfel (R), New Jersey State Senate, District 10
  254. James Kerr (R), Colorado House of Representatives District 28
  255. James Lucas (R), South Carolina House District 65
  256. James Marleau (R), Michigan State Senate, District 12
  257. Jan Brewer (R), Governor of Arizona
  258. Jan Tankersley (R), Georgia House of Representatives District 160
  259. Jane Corwin (R), New York State Assembly District 144
  260. Jane Earll (R), Pennsylvania State Senate District 49
  261. Jane Johnson (R), New Hampshire House of Representatives, Cheshire 12
  262. Janet Duprey (R), New York State Assembly District 115
  263. Janice Giegler (R), Connecticut House of Representatives, District 138
  264. Janice McGeachin (R), Idaho House of Representatives District 32A
  265. Jase Bolger (R), Michigan House of Representatives, District 63
  266. Jason Barnes (R), Missouri House of Representatives, District 60
  267. Jason Chaffetz (R), U.S. House, Utah, District 3
  268. Jason Perillo (R), Connecticut House of Representatives, District 113
  269. Jay Dardenne (R), Lieutenant Governor of Louisiana
  270. Jay Hottinger (R), Ohio House of Representatives District 71
  271. Jay Neal (R), Georgia House of Representatives District 2
  272. Jay Rodne (R), Washington House of Representatives District 5a
  273. Jay Webber (R), New Jersey General Assembly District 26
  274. Jean White (R), Colorado State Senate, District 8
  275. Jeb Bradley (R), New Hampshire State Senate District 3
  276. Jeff Denham (R), U.S. House, California, District 10
  277. Jeff Farrington (R), Michigan House of Representatives, District 30
  278. Jeff Flake (R), U.S. Senate, Arizona
  279. Jeff Miller (Florida) (R), U.S. House, Florida, District 1
  280. Jeff Mullis (R), Georgia State Senate District 53
  281. Jeff Siddoway (R), Idaho State Senate District 35
  282. Jeffrey Stone (R), Wisconsin State Assembly District 82
  283. Jeffrey Thompson, Idaho Representative (R), Idaho House of Representatives District 30A
  284. Jenifer Loon (R), Minnesota House of Representatives, District 48B
  285. Jennifer Beck (R), New Jersey Senate District 11
  286. Jerry Lewis, Arizona Senator (R), Arizona State Senate District 18
  287. Jerry Lewis (California) (R), U.S. House, California, District 41
  288. Jesse O'Hara (R), Montana House of Representatives, District 18
  289. Jil Tracy (R), Illinois House of Representatives District 94
  290. Jim Anderson (R), Wyoming State Senate District 2
  291. Jim Gerlach (R), U.S. House, Pennsylvania, District 6
  292. Jim Marriott (R), Idaho House of Representatives District 28B
  293. Jim Ott (R), Wisconsin State Assembly District 23
  294. Jim Rausch (R), New Hampshire State Senate District 19
  295. Jim Renacci (R), U.S. House, Ohio, District 16
  296. Jim Risch (R), U.S. Senate, Idaho
  297. Jim Tracy (R), Tennessee State Senate District 14
  298. JoAnn D. Osmond (R), Illinois House of Representatives District 61
  299. Joe Acinapura (R), Vermont House Of Representatives, Rutland 7
  300. Joe Fain (R), Washington State Senate District 47
  301. Joe Harrison (R), Louisiana House Of Representatives District 51
  302. Joe Haveman (R), Michigan House of Representatives, District 90
  303. Joe Heck (R), U.S. House, Nevada, District 3
  304. Joe Hoppe (R), Minnesota House of Representatives, District 47B
  305. Joe Palmer (R), Idaho House of Representatives District 20A
  306. Joe Straus (R), Texas House of Representatives, District 121
  307. Joey Fillingane (R), Mississippi State Senate, District 41
  308. John Ahern (R), Washington House of Representatives 6b
  309. John Amodeo (R), New Jersey General Assembly District 2
  310. John Andreason (R), Idaho State Senate District 15
  311. John Barnes (New Hampshire) (R), New Hampshire State Senate District 17
  312. John Barrasso (R), U.S. Senate, Wyoming
  313. John Boehner (R), U.S. House, Ohio, District 8
  314. John Byrnes (R), New Hampshire House of Representatives, Cheshire 6
  315. John Campbell (California) (R), U.S. House, California, District 45
  316. John Carter (R), U.S. House, Texas, District 31
  317. John Cosgrove (R), Virginia State Senate, District 14
  318. John DiMaio (R), New Jersey General Assembly District 23
  319. John Duncan, Jr. (R), U.S. House, Tennessee, District 2
  320. John Gallus (R), New Hampshire State Senate District 1
  321. John Hetherington (R), Connecticut House of Representatives, District 125
  322. John Hikel (R), New Hampshire House of Representatives, Hillsborough 6
  323. John Hoeven (R), U.S. Senate, North Dakota
  324. John Kasich (R), Governor of Ohio
  325. John Kavanagh (R), Arizona House of Representatives District 23
  326. John McComish (R), Arizona State Senate District 18
  327. John McKinney (R), Connecticut State Senate District 28
  328. John Mica (R), U.S. House, Florida, District 7
  329. John Millner (R), Illinois State Senate District 28
  330. John O'Connor (New Hampshire) (R), New Hampshire House of Representatives, Rockingham 6
  331. John Pappageorge (R), Michigan State Senate, District 13
  332. John Polk (R), Mississippi State Senate, District 44
  333. John Proos (R), Michigan State Senate, District 21
  334. John Shimkus (R), U.S. House, Illinois, District 15
  335. John Stevenson (R), Idaho House of Representatives District 26A
  336. John Tholl (R), New Hampshire State House, Coos 5
  337. John Thune (R), U.S. Senate, South Dakota
  338. John Tippets (R), Idaho State Senate District 32
  339. John W. Suthers (R), Attorney General of Colorado
  340. Johnny Grant (R), Georgia State Senate District 25
  341. Jon Bramnick (R), New Jersey General Assembly District 21
  342. Jon Bumstead (R), Michigan House of Representatives, District 100
  343. Jon Huntsman, Jr. (R), President of the United States (withdrew)
  344. Jon Richardson (R), New Hampshire House of Representatives, Merrimack 8
  345. Jonathan Courtney (R), Maine State Senate District 3
  346. Jonathan McNiven (R), Montana House of Representatives, District 44
  347. Joseph Giglio (R), New York State Assembly District 148
  348. Joseph Hardy (R), Nevada State Senate, District 12
  349. Joseph Kyrillos (R), New Jersey State Senate District 13
  350. Joseph Lopinto (R), Louisiana House Of Representatives District 80
  351. Joseph Malone, III (R), New Jersey General Assembly District 30
  352. Joseph Pennacchio (R), New Jersey State Senate District 26
  353. Joseph Zarelli (R), Washington State Senate District 18
  354. Judith Warnick (R), Washington House of Representatives 13a
  355. Judy Biggert (R), U.S. House, Illinois, District 13
  356. Julia Cheyanne Hurley (R), Tennessee House Of Representatives District 32
  357. Justin Olson (R), Arizona House of Representatives District 25
  358. Karen Hutchinson (R), New Hampshire House of Representatives, Rockingham 3
  359. Kate Brophy McGee (R), Arizona House of Representatives District 28
  360. Kathie Conway (R), Missouri House of Representatives, District 104
  361. Kay Granger (R), U.S. House, Texas, District 12
  362. Kay Ivey (R), Lieutenant Governor of Alabama
  363. Kelly Ayotte (R), U.S. Senate, New Hampshire
  364. Kelly Kite (R), Nevada State Assembly District 39
  365. Ken Bennett (R), Arizona Secretary of State
  366. Ken Calvert (R), U.S. House, California, District 42
  367. Ken Hawkins (R), New Hampshire House of Representatives, Hillsborough 18
  368. Ken Miller (Oklahoma) (R), Oklahoma Treasurer
  369. Kenneth Fredette (R), Maine House of Representatives, District 25
  370. Kenneth Peterson (R), Montana House of Representatives, District 46
  371. Kevin McCarthy (California) (R), U.S. House, California, District 23
  372. Kevin Mullin (Vermont) (R), Vermont Senate Rutland District
  373. Kevin O'Toole (R), New Jersey State Senate District 40
  374. Kevin Parker (Washington) (R), Washington House of Representatives District 6a
  375. Kevin Priola (R), Colorado House of Representatives District 56
  376. Kevin Raye (R), U.S. House, Maine, District 2
  377. Kevin Witkos (R), Connecticut State Senate District 8
  378. Kirk Talbot (R), Louisiana House Of Representatives District 78
  379. Kris Kobach (R), Kansas Secretary of State
  380. Kurt Damrow (R), Michigan House of Representatives, District 84
  381. Kurt Daudt (R), Minnesota House of Representatives, District 31A
  382. Kurt Heise (R), Michigan House of Representatives, District 20
  383. Kurt Schaefer (R), Missouri State Senate, District 19
  384. Kurt Zellers (R), Minnesota House of Representatives, District 34B
  385. Kyle Tasker (R), New Hampshire House of Representatives, Rockingham 2
  386. Lamar Alexander (R), U.S. Senate, Tennessee
  387. Lamar Smith (R), U.S. House, Texas, District 21
  388. Larry Haler (R), Washington House of Representatives 8b
  389. Larry Liston (R), Colorado House of Representatives District 16
  390. Lawrence Cafero (R), Connecticut House of Representatives, District 142
  391. Lawrence Emerton (R), New Hampshire House of Representatives, Hillsborough 7
  392. Lawrence Wasden (R), Attorney General of Idaho
  393. Lee Denney (R), Oklahoma House of Representatives District 33
  394. Lee Heider (R), Idaho State Senate District 24
  395. Leland Christensen (R), Wyoming State Senate District 17
  396. Leonard Bentz (R), Mississippi Public Service Commission, Southern District
  397. Leonard Lance (R), U.S. House, New Jersey, District 7
  398. Lesley Vance (R), Alabama House of Representatives District 80
  399. Leslie Fossel (R), Maine House of Representatives District 53
  400. Linda Miller (R), Iowa House of Representatives District 94
  401. Linda Myers (R), Vermont House Of Representatives, Chittenden 8-1
  402. Linda Runbeck (R), Minnesota House of Representatives, District 38A
  403. Linden B. Bateman (R), Idaho House of Representatives District 33B
  404. Lisa Murkowski (R), U.S. Senate, Alaska
  405. Lisa Posthumus Lyons (R), Michigan House of Representatives, District 86
  406. Liz Bangerter (R), Montana House of Representatives, District 80
  407. Llew Jones (R), Montana State Senate, District 14
  408. Lois Snowe Mello (R), Maine State Senate District 15
  409. Lou Tobacco (R), New York State Assembly District 62
  410. Lynn Fitch (R), Mississippi Treasurer
  411. Lynn Luker (R), Idaho House of Representatives District 15A
  412. Lynn Posey (R), Mississippi Public Service Commission, Central District
  413. Lynn Stewart (R), Nevada State Assembly, District 22
  414. Lynne Riley (R), Georgia House of Representatives District 50
  415. Mac Thornberry (R), U.S. House, Texas, District 13
  416. Mack Shirley (R), Idaho House of Representatives District 34A
  417. Marc Butler (R), New York State Assembly District 118
  418. Marc Gibbs (R), Idaho House of Representatives District 32A
  419. Marco Rubio (R), U.S. Senate, Florida
  420. Marcus Molinaro (R), New York State Assembly District 103
  421. Margaret Flory (R), Vermont Senate Rutland District
  422. Margaret O'Brien (R), Michigan House of Representatives, District 61
  423. Mario Diaz-Balart (R), U.S. House, Florida, District 25
  424. Mark Amodei (R), U.S. House, Nevada, District 2
  425. Mark Butler (Georgia) (R), Georgia Commissioner of Labor
  426. Mark Dudenhefer (R), Virginia House of Delegates District 2
  427. Mark Honadel (R), Wisconsin State Assembly, District 21
  428. Mark Kirk (R), U.S. Senate, Illinois
  429. Mark Ouimet (R), Michigan House of Representatives District 52
  430. Mark Schoesler (R), Washington State Senate District 9
  431. Mark Sherwood (R), Nevada State Assembly District 21
  432. Mark Wagoner (R), Ohio State Senate District 2
  433. Mark Waller (R), Colorado House of Representatives District 15
  434. Mark White (R), Tennessee House Of Representatives District 83
  435. Marlene Anielski (R), Ohio House of Representatives District 6
  436. Martin Knollenberg (R), Michigan House of Representatives District 41
  437. Mary Bono Mack (R), U.S. House, California, District 45
  438. Mary Fallin (R), Governor of Oklahoma
  439. Mary Pat Angelini (R), New Jersey General Assembly District 11
  440. Mary Taylor (R), Lieutenant Governor of Ohio
  441. Matt Dean (R), Minnesota House of Representatives, District 38B
  442. Matt Greene (R), Wyoming State House, District 45
  443. Matt Lori (R), Michigan House of Representatives, District 59
  444. Matt Mead (R), Governor of Wyoming
  445. Maxine Bell (R), Idaho House of Representatives District 25A
  446. Merle Flowers (R), Mississippi State Senate District 19
  447. Michael Grimm (R), U.S. House, New York, District 11
  448. Michael K. Simpson (R), U.S. House, Idaho, District 2
  449. Michael McCarthy (R), New Hampshire House of Representatives, Hillsborough 29
  450. Michael McLachlan (Connecticut) (R), Connecticut State Senate District 24
  451. Michael Montesano (R), New York State Assembly District 15
  452. Michael Roberson (R), Nevada State Senate, District 20
  453. Michael Strain (R), Louisiana Commissioner of Agriculture and Forestry
  454. Michael Turner (Ohio) (R), U.S. House, Ohio, District 10
  455. Michael W. Tryon (R), Illinois House of Representatives District 66
  456. Michael Weeden (R), New Hampshire House of Representatives, Strafford 6
  457. Michele Reagan (R), Arizona State Senate District 23
  458. Micky Hammon (R), Alabama House of Representatives District 4
  459. Mike Alberts (R), Connecticut House of Representatives, District 50
  460. Mike Ball (Alabama) (R), Alabama House of Representatives District 10
  461. Mike Chaney (R), Mississippi Commissioner of Insurance
  462. Mike Conaway (R), U.S. House, Texas, District 11
  463. Mike DeWine (R), Attorney General of Ohio
  464. Mike Duffey (R), Ohio House of Representatives District 21
  465. Mike Enzi (R), U.S. Senate, Wyoming
  466. Mike Faulk (R), Tennessee State Senate District 4
  467. Mike Haridopolos (R), Florida State Senate District 26
  468. Mike Harrison (R), Tennessee House Of Representatives District 9
  469. Mike Hebert (R), Vermont House Of Representatives, Windham 1
  470. Mike Hill (Alabama) (R), Alabama House of Representatives District 41
  471. Mike Hope (R), Washington House of Representatives District 44b
  472. Mike Hubbard (R), Alabama House of Representatives District 79
  473. Mike Jacobs, Georgia Representative (R), Georgia House of Representatives District 80
  474. Mike Johanns (R), U.S. Senate, Nebraska
  475. Mike Kowall (R), Michigan State Senate, District 15
  476. Mike Lee (R), U.S. Senate, Utah
  477. Mike Madden (R), Wyoming State House, District 40
  478. Mike McGinness (R), Nevada State Senate, Central Nevada District
  479. Mike Milburn (R), Montana House of Representatives, District 19
  480. Mike Millican (R), Alabama House of Representatives District 17
  481. Mike Parson (R), Missouri State Senate, District 28
  482. Mike Rogers (Alabama) (R), U.S. House, Alabama, District 3
  483. Mitch Daniels (R), Governor of Indiana
  484. Mitch McConnell (R), U.S. Senate, Kentucky
  485. Molly Smith (R), New Hampshire House of Representatives, Merrimack 9
  486. Nan Hayworth (R), U.S. House, New York, District 18
  487. Nancy Calhoun (R), New York State Assembly District 96
  488. Nancy G. McLain (R), Arizona House of Representatives District 3
  489. Nancy Munoz (R), New Jersey General Assembly District 21
  490. Nancy Spence (R), Colorado State Senate, District 27
  491. Nichi Farnham (R), Maine State Senate District 32
  492. Nikki Haley (R), Governor of South Carolina
  493. Ogden Driskill (R), Wyoming State Senate District 1
  494. Orrin Hatch (R), U.S. Senate, Utah
  495. Pam Bondi (R), Attorney General of Florida
  496. Pam Roach (R), Washington State Senate District 31
  497. Pamela Althoff (R), Illinois State Senate District 32
  498. Pat Hickey (R), Nevada State Assembly, District 25
  499. Pat Marsh (R), Tennessee House Of Representatives District 62
  500. Patricia McElraft (R), North Carolina House of Representatives District 13

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