Endorsements of South Dakota ballot measures, 2008

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Endorsements of the South Dakota 2008 ballot measures by South Dakota's bloggers and newspapers:
Newspaper or blog Measure 9 Measure 10 Measure 11 Amendment G Amendment H Amendment I Amendment J
Aberdeen American News - - No - - - -
Argus Leader No No - Yes Yes Yes No
Constant Conservative No No Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Dakota Voice - Yes Yes Yes - No Yes
Freeman Courier - No - - - - -
Madison Daily Leader - - - Yes Yes No Yes
Madville Times No No No Yes No Yes Yes
Mobridge Tribune - No - - - - -
Rapid City Journal No No - Yes - No No
Sibby Online Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
SD Watch Yes No No Yes No Yes Yes
South DaCola Yes Yes No No No No No
South Dakota War College No No Yes No Yes No No
Yankton Press & Dakotan - No - Yes - Yes -
Election Result Defeated Defeated Defeated Defeated Defeated Approved Defeated

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