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Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture Finance Committee, Minnesota House of Representatives (decommissioned)

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The Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture Finance Committee is a standing committee of the Minnesota House of Representatives.

Per Rule 6.01 of the House Rules, standing committees of the Minnesota House of Representatives are appointed by the Speaker of the House.[1] Committees are appointed at the beginning of each biennial session. Up to 30 days prior to the session, the Speaker-designate is to submit a list of proposed standing committees and divisions to all minority caucuses. Up to 15 days before the session's start, the Minority Leader may submit proposed minority assignments to the Speaker-designate, who must comply in keeping with attaining proportionate representation. With the exception of the Committee on Rules and Legislative Administration, one may not serve as chair of a committee or another with a similar jurisdiction for longer than three consecutive two-year sessions.[2]

DocumentIcon.jpg See rules: Permanent Rules of the House 2013 - 2014


(a) Except as provided in Rule 1.15, a House or Senate bill that directly, substantially, and specifically affects any present or future financial obligation, budget policy, or revenue of the State must be referred as provided in paragraphs (b) and (c) to the appropriate Committee before the bill receives its second reading. A bill that negligibly affects any present or future financial obligation, budget policy, or revenue of the State is not subject to mandatory referral under this rule.

(b) A bill subject to paragraph (a) reported by a finance committee must, if recommended to pass, be subsequently referred to the Ways and Means Committee, unless the bill has a negligible fiscal impact and is subject to direct reference to the Floor under Rule 6.05.[3][4]



The following table describes committee membership at the beginning of the 2013 legislative session.

Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture Finance Members, 2013
Democratic members (12)Republican members (7)
Jean Wagenius, ChairDenny McNamara
Andrew Falk, Vice-chairPaul Anderson
John BensonDan Fabian
David BlyTom Hackbarth
Karen ClarkRod Hamilton
David DillDebra Kiel
Roger A. EricksonPaul Torkelson
Mike Freiberg
Rick Hansen
Phyllis Kahn
Jeanne Poppe
Joann Ward

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