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*[[Donovan Olson]] ''Chair''
The following table describes committee membership for the 2009 legislative session.
*[[Jerry Kearns]] ''Vice Chair''
*[[Steven Olson]] ''Ranking Member''
{{Committee members, SLP
*[[Chuck Soderberg]]
|Collapse= Yes
*[[Wesley Whitead]]
|Committee= Environmental Protection
*[[Marcella Frevert]]
|year= 2009
*[[Dave Deyoe]]
|Dem1= Donovan Olson
*[[Bob Kressig]]
|Demchair1 = Chair
*[[Steven Lukan]]
|Dem2= Jerry Kearns
*[[Mark Smith]]
|Demchair2 = Vice-chair
*[[Ralph Watts]]
|Dem3= Wesley Whitead
*[[Helen Miller]]
|Dem4= Marcella Frevert
*[[Jason Schultz]]
|Dem5= Bob Kressig
*[[Jack Drake]]
|Dem6= Mark Smith
*[[Chris Hagenow]]
|Dem7= Helen Miller
*[[Vicki Lensing]]
|Dem8= Vicki Lensing
*[[Nathan Reichert]]
|Dem9= Nathan Reichert
*[[Elesha Gayman]]
|Dem10= Elesha Gayman
*[[Curt Hanson]]
|Dem11= Curt Hanson
*[[Mary Gaskill]]
|Dem12= Mary Gaskill
*[[Richard Anderson]]
|Rep1= Steven Olson
|Rep2= Chuck Soderberg
|Rep3= Dave Deyoe
|Rep4= Steven Lukan
|Rep5= Ralph Watts
|Rep6= Jason Schultz
|Rep7= Jack Drake
|Rep8= Chris Hagenow
|Rep9= Richard Anderson
==External links==
==External links==

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The Environmental Protection Committee is a standing committee of the Iowa House of Representatives.



The following table describes committee membership at the beginning of the 2013 legislative session.

Environmental Protection Members, 2013
Democratic members (9)Republican members (12)
Charles IsenhartLee Hein, Chair
Marti AndersonRob Taylor, Vice-chair
Deborah BerryClel Baudler
Dan KelleyDave Deyoe
Vicki LensingTedd Gassman
Daniel LundbyMegan Hess
Mark SmithJarad Klein
Sharon SteckmanDavid Maxwell
Beth Wessel-KroeschellJason Schultz
Larry Sheets
Jeff Smith
Chuck Soderberg


The following table describes committee membership for the 2011 legislative session.


The following table describes committee membership for the 2009 legislative session.

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