Ethics and Rules Committee, Massachusetts State Senate (decommissioned)

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The Ethics and Rules Committee is a standing committee of the Massachusetts State Senate. Per Senate Rule 12, the committee is made up of six members.[1]

Per Senate Rules 12 and 13, committees of the Massachusetts State Senate are assigned by the President of the Senate, with the exception of minority members, who are assigned by the Minority Leader.[2] After the adoption of Senate rules at the beginning of each two-year session, the committees are appointed to serve for the entire session. The President is to give consideration to partisan balance in making appointments, and is required to allocate at least two seats on the Ways and Means and Ethics and Rules Committees, and at least one seat on all other standing or special committees, to members of the minority party. The President shall nominate the chair of each committee, and the vice-chair and assistant vice-chair of the Ways and Means Committee, subject to a majority vote of the respective party caucus. Should a nominee be blocked, the President shall nominate another candidate for confirmation. In the event of a special order by the Senate to appoint a committee by ballot, the person receiving the most votes shall be named chair, with the runner-up being named vice-chair.[2] Any vacancies that have occurred in any committees after members have been appointed will be filled following the same rules.[3]

DocumentIcon.jpg See rules: Rules of the Senate (As adopted by the Senate on January 24, 2013)


It shall be the duty of the committee on Ethics and Rules to consider all violations of rules and all question of conduct of Senators and employees of the Senate. The committee is also authorized to recommend policy procedures for the Senate and recommend rules changes for matters requiring the expeditious action by the Senate.[4][5][6]

Per Senate Rule 13C, the committee is also tasked with "periodic audits of Senate financial accounts to be conducted by a certified public accountant experienced in auditing governmental entities."[7]

Committee members


The following table describes committee membership at the beginning of the 2013 legislative session.

Ethics and Rules Members, 2013
Democratic members (4)Republican members (2)
Stanley Rosenberg, ChairMichael Knapik
Richard Moore, Vice-chairRichard Ross
Stephen Brewer
Karen Spilka


The following table describes committee membership for the 2011 legislative session.

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