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==Orange County==
==Orange County==
:: ''See also: [[Orange County, California ballot measures]]''
:: ''See also: [[Orange County, California ballot measures#February 2|Orange County, California ballot measures]]''
{{approved}} [[Lance MacLean recall, Mission Viejo, California (2010)]]
{{approved}} [[Lance MacLean recall, Mission Viejo, California (2010)|'''City of  Mission Viejo:''' Lance MacLean recall]]
==See also==
==See also==

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February 23
January 12
February 2 was the first date in 2010 when local ballot measure elections took place in California.


See also: Alameda County, California ballot measures

Defeatedd Measure B: Alameda Point Revitalization (the "SunCal Initiative")

Orange County

See also: Orange County, California ballot measures

Approveda City of Mission Viejo: Lance MacLean recall

See also