Federal Mandates Committee, Arizona State Legislature

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The Federal Mandates Committee is a standing committee of the Arizona Legislature.


To review the activities of Congress and the federal government, including court rulings, laws, regulations and other actions that may require this State to comply with any federal mandate and to take any action necessary to protect this State's constitutional rights and sovereignty against federal mandates. In the course of reviewing select mandates to be further studied, the Committee shall determine the following factors:

  • (1) whether the federal mandate infringes on the sovereign role of states granted under the 10th Amendment of the Constitution of the United States;
  • (2) whether the federal mandate has a solid basis in law;
  • (3) whether the federal mandate is necessary from a public health, safety and welfare perspective; :*(4) whether the federal mandate achieves a desirable social economic or other public policy goal; :*(5) whether compliance with the federal mandate is mandatory and, if so, the consequences of noncompliance;
  • (6) how the federal mandate is funded;
  • (7) whether uniformity of standards among the states is essential for the operation of the federal mandate or whether the states are or should be permitted flexibility that accounts for their unique situations;
  • (8) whether this State is better able to administer the mandated function more efficiently than the federal government; and
  • (9) any other factors the Committee deems important. On or before December 31 of each year the Committee shall recommend to the Governor, the Speaker of the House of Representatives and the President of the Senate as to whether this State should participate in the federal mandates the Committee reviewed during the year.



The following table describes committee membership at the beginning of the 2013 legislative session.

Federal Mandates Senate Members, 2013
Democratic members (0)Republican members (1)
Andy Biggs, Co-Chair
Federal Mandates House Members, 2013
Democratic members (0)Republican members (1)
Andrew Tobin, Co-Chair


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