Fishers City Incorporation Referendum (May 2010)

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A Fishers City Incorporation Referendum measure was not on the May ballot in Hamilton County for residents in the town of Fishers.

This measure was not approved for the ballot.

A petition had been submitted to put this issue on the May ballot. The petitioners sought to make the town of Fisher a incorporated city. 1,443 valid signatures were needed in order to move the petition on to a vote, the group had collected more than 2,000. Once the signatures were validated then the issue would have been put to a vote.[1]

Motivation behind becoming a city came from population growth, Fishers has approximately 70,000 residents and those pressing the issue say a town government is needed would work best. But the town council president dais it would rather mean higher taxes and bigger government spending.[2]

The measure will appear on the general election ballot.