Florida's Education Association files lawsuit to block Amendment 8

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July 26, 2010

TALLAHASSEE, Florida: Last week, on July 23, the Florida Education Association filed a lawsuit to block Amendment 8 from the 2010 statewide ballot. The teachers union argues that the proposed measure is misleading and an under-handed attempt to reduce state funding for education. "The Florida Legislature devised a classic scheme of ‘hiding the ball’ from Florida voters by misrepresenting the chief purpose of Amendment 8 – which is to free the state’s obligation to adequately fund public schools," said Ron Meyer, the union’s attorney.[1] In a press release, Meyers added,"The failure of the legislature to be honest with parents - to tell them that Amendment 8 cuts funding to public schools which will result in crowded classrooms once again - is what makes this lawsuit necessary."[2]

In response to the filed lawsuit, Rep. Will Weatherford, who sponsored the amendment, said he believed the amendment was "very honest." Weatherford added, "We're trying to protect the integrity of small class sizes in the state of Florida. At the same time, we're providing flexibility for the thousands of principals and administrators and school board members and superintendents and, frankly, the hundreds of parents...whose children are not able to go to the school they want because of the class size restraints."[3][4]

The filed lawsuit can be found here.

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