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The Florida Elections Commission is a independent disciplinary agency that is responsible for enforcing and investigating Florida's campaign finance laws.

Mission statement

The Florida Elections Commission is established as a separate budget entity within the Department of Legal Affairs. It is not subject to the control, supervision, or direction of the Department of Legal Affairs or the Attorney General in the performance of its duties. The Commission appoints an executive director who shall employ such staff as are necessary to adequately perform the functions of the Commission. The Commission's staff consists of the executive director, two attorneys, seven investigators, the Commission clerk, a business manager and an administrative assistant[1].


The Florida Elections Commission was created on a act of the Florida Legislature in 1973[2].


The Elections Commission is governed by a nine person board[3].

Selection of members

The Governor of Florida is responsible for nominating eight of the nine members except the Chairman. The Chairman of the Elections Commission is selected of a list three people recommended by the President of the Florida State Senate, Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives, and the respective minority leaders in all houses of the legislature. Every member on the Commission is given a four year term in which members are limited to two terms. No member can be selected if they were a party chairman or a elected official the year before their appointment[4].

Campaign finance discipline

If someone feels a person or committee violated Florida campaign finance law, the first step is to file a complaint with the Florida Elections Commission. It is up to the commission to fully investigate all complaints[5]. If someone is found to be in violation of campaign finance law, in most cases a civil fine is imposed[6]. All criminal complaints are referred to the District Attorney in the county where alleged violation happened[7].

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