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[[Category:Florida 1930 ballot measures]]
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[[Category:Bond issues, Florida]]

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The Florida Local Bonds Amendment, also known as Amendment 1, was a legislatively-referred constitutional amendment in Florida which was approved by voters in the general election on November 4, 1930.

  • This amendment modified Article IX of the Florida Constitution to require voter approval for counties, districts, and municipalities to issue bonds in elections where a majority of qualified local property owners vote.[1]

Election results

Florida Amendment 1 (1930)
Approveda Yes 48,814 86.74%

Election results via: Report of the Secretary of State of the State of Florida (1929-1930)

Text of measure

  • No sample ballot has yet been identified.

Constitutional changes

Section 6. The Legislature shall have power to provide for issuing State bonds only for the purpose of repelling invasion or suppressing insurrection, and the Counties, Districts or Municipalities of the State of Florida shall have power to issue bonds only after the same shall have been approved by a majority of the votes cast in an election in which a majority of the freeholders who are qualified electors residing in such Counties, Districts, or Municipalities shall participate, to be held in the manner to be prescribed by law; but the provisions of this Act shall not apply to the refunding of bonds issued exclusively for the purpose of refunding of the bonds or the interest thereon of such Counties, Districts, or Municipalities.[1]

Path to the ballot

  • The amendment was placed on the ballot as Senate Joint Resolution 26 of 1929.
  • The amendment was approved for the ballot on June 8, 1929.[1]

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