Florida Military Homestead Property Tax Exemption, Amendment 2 (2010)

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Florida Constitution
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Florida Military Homestead Property Tax Exemption, Amendment 2 appeared on the November 2, 2010 statewide ballot as a legislatively-referred constitutional amendment where it was approved.

The proposal called for providing a homestead property tax exemption to members of the United States military or military reserves who received a homestead exemption and were deployed in the previous year on active duty outside the continental United States, Alaska, or Hawaii.[1][2]

Election results

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Amendment 2 (Homestead Tax Exemption)
Approveda Yes 3,936,526 77.82%

Official results via Florida Division of Elections

Text of measure

According to the Florida Department of Elections the summary of the measure read as follows:[3]

Proposing an amendment to the State Constitution to require the Legislature to provide an additional homestead property tax exemption by law for members of the United States military or military reserves, the United States Coast Guard or its reserves, or the Florida National Guard who receive a homestead exemption and were deployed in the previous year on active duty outside the continental United States, Alaska, or Hawaii in support of military operations designated by theLegislature. The exempt amount will be based upon the number of days in the previous calendar year that the person was deployed on active duty outside the continental United States, Alaska, or Hawaii in support of military operations designated by the Legislature. The amendment is scheduled to take effect January 1, 2011.[4]

Constitutional changes

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The proposed measure amended Article 7 Section 3 of the Florida Constitution and add Section 31 to Article 12.[5] Changes can be viewed here.

Media editorial positions

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  • The Bradenton Herald supported the proposed measure. The editorial board said, "For all they endure in defense of the nation, military personnel merit this small measure of payback and thanks. We recommend a yes vote on Amendment 2."[6]
  • Florida Today supported Amendment 2. "The measure isn’t perfect. It would take an estimated $13 million annually in revenue from cash-strapped counties and localities. And it creates another unfair loophole in Florida’s Swiss-cheese tax code because military men and women who don’t own a home won’t qualify. Nonetheless, Florida service members putting their lives on the line in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere deserve the break. Vote “yes” on Amendment 2," said the editorial board.[7]
  • The Northwest Daily News supported Amendment 2. The editorial board said, "We believe that some tax breaks are better than no tax breaks. We also believe that tax breaks can be an effective way to lure new industry — and, yes, to show appreciation to military personnel for their sacrifices. So we recommend a YES vote on Amendment 2, while hoping area politicians won’t use it as an excuse to dig deeper into our wallets."[8]
  • The Gainesville Sun supported Amendment 2. "With conflicts still raging on two fronts, these past several years have been especially tough on members of the military. A modest property tax break seems the least we can do for our fellow Floridians in uniform," said the editorial board.[9]
  • The Pensacola News Journal supported Amendment 2. In an editorial, the board said, "With the apparent endless demands for U.S. military intervention around the world, it's a small thing we can do to make life easier for our men and women in uniform."[10]
  • The Orlando Sentinel supported the measure. "Not much to oppose here. It would give military personnel a property tax exemption on their homes while deployed overseas. It might cost $13 million or so, but most everyone thinks that's a fair price for the sacrifices soldiers make when they're gone. So do we. We recommend a YES vote on Amendment 2," said the editorial board.[11]
  • The (Panama City) News Herald said, "Military personnel deployed overseas are making enormous sacrifices for their country. This is a small way to help repay them and their families."[12]
  • The Naples Daily News said, "With so much turmoil around the globe, and with Florida being home for so many of our troops and their families, this ought to be a small token of our appreciation that everyone can endorse."[13]
  • The South Florida Sun-Sentinel said, "The Sun Sentinel Editorial Board recommends a "yes" vote on Amendment 2, which would make a constitutional change awarding an additional homestead tax break to deployed military personnel."[14]
  • The Florida Times-Union said, "Amendment 2 would say a lot about Floridians' feelings toward the military. The larger the margin of passage, the stronger that message becomes. Let's send a loud message at the ballot box."[15]
  • Creative Loafing's Irreverent View said, "Until such time as we reform the tax code and stop pandering to special interest groups, there isn’t a more-deserving special interest than our deployed military personnel. God bless our soldiers."[16]
  • The Ledger said, "With conflicts on two fronts, and a poor economy at home, this is a modest tax break. The Ledger recommends a Yes vote on Amendment 2."[17]


  • The St. Petersburg Times was opposed to Amendment 2. In an editorial, the board said, "Floridians who are serving their country in the military during times of war should be honored. This is not the fairest way to do it. The Times recommends a "no" vote on Amendment 2."[18]
  • The Palm Beach Post was opposed to the proposed measure. In an editorial the board said, "The language of Amendment 2 is too vague. The Legislature would decide who got the tax break and who didn't. Why not all of them?...We're for helping the troops, but the priority should be to reform Florida's tax system for all Floridians. Amendment 2 would make the system worse."[19]


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     Position is ahead and at or over 50%     Position is ahead or tied, but under 50%

  • A May 3-5 poll conducted by Mason-Dixon Polling & Research Inc. revealed that 71% of the 625 polled registered Florida voters supported the proposed amendment, while 19% were opposed. A total of 10% said they remained undecided. According to Mason-Dixon the poll had a margin of error of plus or minus 4 percent.[20]
Date of Poll Pollster In favor Opposed Undecided Number polled
May 3-5, 2010 Mason-Dixon Polling & Research Inc. 71% 19% 10% 625

Path to the ballot

See also: Florida law for legislatively-referred constitutional amendments

In order to qualify for the November 2010 ballot the proposed amendment required the approval of a minimum of 60% in the both the House and the Senate.

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