Florida Office of Economic and Demographic Research

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The Florida Office of Economic and Demographic Research is a research arm of the Florida Legislature that is dedicated towards economic, demographic, and sociological research that affects the economic and fiscal outlook of the State of Florida.


The Office of Economic and Demographic Research is led by a Coordinator who oversees a 16 person staff under their direction[1].

Services offered

Fiscal impact statement

The ODER is charged with the responsibility of producing fiscal impact assessments on all changes to legislation. Most of the statements are produced for tax proposals, spending bills, and changes in criminal sentencing laws. Also, proposed bonding programs receive fiscal impact assessments[2].


Forecasting is one of the main responsibilities with the Office of Economic and Demographic Research. The ODER has the capability to provide independent forecasts for all estimating conferences. Also, the ODER has voting rights to approve or deny estimating conferences on Florida's revenues and economic impact. Legislative forecasts are provided in the following areas:

  • Florida economy.
  • Revenue
  • State population.
  • General revenue.
  • Transportation revenue.
  • Lottery revenue.
  • Gross Receipts Tax revenue.
  • Ad valorem property tax base.
  • PECO Funds.
  • Education enrollment.
  • Medicaid and ADFC (Aid for Families with Dependent Children) caseload.
  • Florida Medical Assistance Trust Fund.
  • Child Welfare Programs.
  • Juvenile Justice Programs.
  • Prison population[3].

Legislative committees

The ODER also acts as a support staff for standing committees in the Florida Legislature. The ODER is responsible for survey research, database management, financial consulting, statistical analysis, and demographic information[4].

Legislative research

Legislative Research is done by the OEDR on request by any standing committee in the Florida Legislature[5].

Initiative process

The Office of Economic and Demographic Research is required under Florida Law to have a fiscal impact statement to any proposed constitutional amendment on the ballot in Florida. How the analysis is done is through a Fiscal Impact Estimating Conference which is mandated by Florida Law[6]. Under the law, this analysis must be done 45 days if a petition is received by the Florida Secretary of State. If the initiative petition was submitted in the last 120 days before the election, the fiscal estimate must be returned in 30 days[7].

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