Florida Public Service Tax Exemption Initiative (2008)

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The Public Service Tax Exemption was proposed as an initiated constitutional amendment for the November 4, 2008 ballot in Florida, but the measure ultimately did not qualify for the ballot.

The unsuccessful proposal would have required each law granting an exemption to the state sales tax to contain a legislative determination that such exemption advanced or served a public purpose and contained the single subject of a single exemption.[1]

Floridians Against Inequities in Rates (Fair) sponsored the measure, and spent $941,064.97 promoting it.[2]

Past initiatives

In 2004, FAIR sponsored "Fairness Initiative Requiring Legislative Determination that Sales Tax Exemptions and Exclusions Serve A Public Purpose." This initiative was ruled unconstitutional by the Florida Supreme Court, which stated that it failed to comply with the legal requirements of Article XI, Section 3 of the Florida Constitution, and Section 101.61[3]


The measure was challenged in court in 2005, by opponents who wanted it to be found unconstitutional.[4]