Florida Senate Bill 1164 (2010)

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Florida Senate Bill 1164, a ballot measure that would have prevented homeowners from having to pay more in taxes during times when market values are declining, was on its way to appear on the 2010 state ballot but the bill was "indefinitely postponed."[1]

The proposed bill was a legislatively-referred constitutional amendment. The suggested amendment to the state constitution, specifically to Section 4 of Article VII, proposed the creation of a new section to Article XII to "prohibit increases in the assessed value of homestead property if the market value of the property decreases."[2]

The bill was submitted and filed for consideration on February 3, 2009 by Sen. Mike Fasano.

Florida Constitution
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Path to the ballot

See also: Florida law for legislatively-referred constitutional amendments

In order to qualify for the November 2010 ballot the proposed amendment was required to be approved by a minimum of 60% in the both the House and the Senate. The bill was "indefinitely postponed."

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  • Florida House Bill 1087: Relating to Assessment/Homestead Property/Declining Value - has been indefinitely postponed[3]
  • Florida House Bill 1173: Relating to Taxpayers' Bill of Rights/Homestead Property - withdrawn prior to introduction[4]
  • Florida Senate Bill 2242: Relating to Homestead Property/Assessments/Challenges - has been indefinitely postponed[5]

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