Florida Tax Rollback and Cap Amendment, Proposition 1 (1984)

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The Florida Tax Rollback and Cap Amendment, also commonly known as Proposition 1 and the Citizens' Choice Initiative, was an initiated constitutional amendment that was slated to be on the November 6, 1984 statewide ballot in Florida. However, the amendment was removed from the ballot by the Florida Supreme Court.[1][2][3]

The amendment sought to rollback tax levels to 1980 values, the institute a tax increase cap of two-thirds that of inflation, with limited exceptions.[1]


On March 27, the Florida Supreme Court removed Proposition 1 from the ballot. The Court stated that the proposal violated the single topic rule for initiatives because it affected a variety of taxes and government revenue.[3]

On May 25, A U.S. Federal Court rejected an appeal from proposition supporters.[3]


Supporters included:

  • Floridians for Tax Relief, a group "Tax Revolt" movement supporters
  • Limited Government Committee[3]


The proposition was cut $2.4 billion in tax revenue from the Florida 1985-6 budget.[3]


The main opposition was an umbrella Group called "Florida's Future," which included:


The proposition was cut $2.4 billion in tax revenue from the Florida 1985-6 budget.[3]

Path to the ballot

Proposition 1 was promoted by the supporters of the "tax revolt" movement, Floridians for Tax Relief. The proposition was originally spurred by California's Proposition 13 in 1978.[4]

Proposition 1 was placed on the ballot after more than 500,000 signatures were gather of the approximately 300,000 necessary.[3]

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