Florida lawmakers resurrect proposed health care amendment

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November 23, 2010


TALLAHASSEE, Florida: Amendment 9 may have been removed from the ballot in 2010 but that isn't stopping lawmakers from resurrecting the proposal. State Rep. Scott Plakon has refiled the proposed health care measure in hopes of qualifying the constitutional amendment for the 2012 ballot.[1]

In 2010, the legislature referred a similar measure to the 2010 statewide ballot. However, the measure was removed from the ballot by court order on July 29, 2010. Leon County Circuit Judge James Shelfer said the measure was misleading and could confuse voters.[2] On August 31 the Florida Supreme Court upheld previous lower court decisions to throw out Amendment 9. "The ballot language put forth … contains misleading and ambiguous language. Currently our only recourse is to strike the proposed constitutional amendment from the ballot," said the justices.[3] The 2010 legislation was sponsored by Rep. Scott Plakon and Sen. Carey Baker.

According to reports the 2012 proposal does not include wording that was found questionable by judges in 2010. Specifically judges questioned the following statement (which is not included in the 2012 proposed text): "ensure access to health care services without waiting lists, protect the doctor/patient relationship,” and ”guard against mandates that don’t work."[1]

In order to qualify for the 2012 ballot the proposed amendment is required to acquire approval by a minimum of 60% in the both the House and the Senate.

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