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==External links==
==External links==
* [[http://www.franklinpa.gov/ Franklin Official Website]]
* [http://www.franklinpa.gov/ Franklin Official Website]

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The Franklin Subdivision Regulation Referendum is a ballot measure that may appear in an upcoming ballot in Venango County, Pennsylvania in the town of Franklin. If enacted by a public vote, the referendum would vote down a proposed law that would regulate subdivisions, including a creation of a town planning board. The town planning board would approve subdivisions of five or more lots completed within a 10 year time span.

A petition was circulated for the referendum by concerned citizens who believe the proposed law is unnecessary due to extra level of regulation. The regulation, according to residents, overlaps with current state regulatory agencies. Opponents also state that the law would possibly discourage development because of a longer process that the law would bring.

During a public hearing held on July 27, 2009, residents presented Town Clerk Sandra Oliver the petition, which was signed by 150 voters. The town is now in the process of reviewing the petition and also if a referendum could be held on this particular law.[1]

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