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Fred Kimball, a petition drive consultant and manager in California, is the owner of Kimball Petition Management.

He was profiled in a 1999 article about paid petition drives in the Washington Post.[1]

Kimball believes that California's initiative process is popular with voters because voters perceive the California State Legislature as being "handcuffed by a lack of bipartisanship and the effect of lobbyists."[2]

In 2010, Kimball's firm was one of several that objected to the efforts of Repair California to qualify their California Call for a Limited Constitutional Convention (2010) and California Electors Right to Call for Constitutional Convention Act (2010) proposals for the ballot.[3] Kimball told a newspaper he had warned "the independent supervisors who manage signature-gatherers that he will blacklist them if they work for the constitutional-convention measures."[4]


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