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|Recreation/Live Entertainment||$150,000||$150,000||$0
|Recreation/Live Entertainment||$150,000||$150,000||$0
Ryan Hecker is the [[Super PAC]]'s chief operating officer, and its executive director is Russ Walker.<ref name="hp"/>  Matt Kibbe is the president and chief executive of the parent advocacy organization, FreedomWorks, and Dick Armey serves as its chairman.<ref>[http://www.factcheck.org/2012/04/freedomworks-for-america/ ''FactCheck.org'' "FreedomWorks for America" Accessed July 15, 2013]</ref>
==See also==
==See also==

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FreedomWorks for America
FreedomWorks for America logo.PNG
President:Matt Kibbe
Vice-president:Adam Brandon
Chairman:Robert T.E. Lansing
Year created:July 2011
Affiliated with:FreedomWorks
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FreedomWorks for America is a Super PAC. It is an arm of the nonprofit FreedomWorks.[1]

FreedomWorks for America seeks to mobilize volunteers across the country to further the campaigns of "champions of freedom." The PAC supports conservative candidates, including those facing incumbent Republicans who are considered not in-line with conservative values and policies. Instead of using radio or TV ads, FWFA focuses on grassroots mobilization of its million volunteers across the country.[2]

2014 elections

According to the Sunlight Foundation, FreedomWorks for America had $831,231.26 cash-on-hand as of December 31, 2012.[3] No candidates have been supported by independent expenditures during the 2014 cycle as of December 31, 2012.[3]

2012 elections

According to the Sunlight Foundation, the FreedomWorks for America PAC spent $19,234,074 on the 2012 elections. Of those funds, 24.59 percent achieved the desired result, based on Sunlight Foundation analysis.[4] Open Secrets also analyzed the success of 2012 general election cycle spending:[5]

The success rate of FreedomWorks for America's 2012 spending.


FreedomWorks for America endorsed nearly 600 candidates for U.S. House, Senate, and presidency for the 2012 election.[6]

The PAC financed efforts to support some of these candidates,[7] but only Jeff Flake and Ted Cruz were successful in their elections.

Candidate Party State Office Expenditures
Connie Mack Ends.png Republican Florida Senate $1,874,246
Richard Mourdock Ends.png Republican Indiana Senate $1,665,105
Josh Mandel Ends.png Republican Ohio Senate $1,534,975
Jeff Flake Ends.png Republican Arizona Senate $1,087,627
Tom Smith Ends.png Republican Pennsylvania Senate $722,048
Jeff Landry Ends.png Republican Louisiana House $691,151
George Allen Ends.png Republican Virginia Senate $522,683
Ted Cruz Ends.png Republican Texas Senate $481,322
Joe Walsh Ends.png Republican Illinois House $357,164
Ann Marie Buerkle Ends.png Republican New York House $293,448


FreedomWorks for America targeted certain politicians for defeat in 2012.[7] All were successfully elected in 2012 except Richard Lugar, who lost in the Republican primary.

Incumbent Party State Office Expenditures
Orrin Hatch Ends.png Republican Utah Senate $945,373
Bob Casey Electiondot.png Democratic Pennsylvania Senate $759,473
Joe Donnelly Electiondot.png Democratic Ohio Senate $755,545
Barack Obama Electiondot.png Democratic President $621,913
Richard Lugar Ends.png Republican Indiana Senate $335,099
Dan Maffei Electiondot.png Democratic New York House $115,060
Jim Matheson Electiondot.png Democratic Louisiana House $110,273
Charles Boustany Jr. Ends.png Republican New York House $103,769
Lois Frankel Electiondot.png Democratic Florida House $80,625
Jon Tester Electiondot.png Democratic Montana Senate $71,204


FreedomWorks for America spent a grand total of $19,636,548 in the 2012 election. Of that money, $42,870 was spent for Democrats, $7,079,203 was against Democrats, $11,096,487 was for Republicans, and $1,417,988 was used against Republicans. [7]

Top 10 largest FreedomWorks for America expenditures in 2012[7]
Candidate Party State Office Total For Against Desired Result
Tammy Duckworth Republican Party IL House $1,866,787 $30,510 $1,836,277
Connie Mack Democratic Party FL Senate $1,862,846 $1,874,246 $11,400
Richard Mourdock Democratic Party IN Senate $1,646,652 $1,665,105 $18,453
Josh Mandel Democratic Party OH Senate $1,523,865 $1,534,975 $11,110
Jeff Flake Democratic Party AZ Senate $1,050,301 $1,087,627 $37,326
Bill Nelson Republican Party FL Senate $1,022,863 $2,750 $1,020,113
Orrin Hatch Republican Party UT Senate $945,373 $0 $945,373
Bob Casey Republican Party PA Senate $759,473 $0 $759,473
Joe Donnelly Republican Party IN Senate $755,545 $0 $755,545
Sherrod Brown Republican Party OH Senate $745,670 $201 $745,469



As of April 21, 2012, the top 5 donors to the FreedomWorks for America PAC were[8]:

Top 5 Donors to FreedomWorks for America, 2012[8]
Occupation/Employer Total From Individuals From Organizations
FreedomWorks $1,631,082 $0 $1,631,082
Crow Holdings $250,000 $0 $250,000
Uline Inc $250,000 $250,000 $0
Entertrainment Junction $150,000 $150,000 $0
Friess Assoc $100,000 $100,000 $0


As of April 21, 2012, the top 5 industries donating to the FreedomWorks for America PAC were[9]:

Top 5 Donors to FreedomWorks for America, 2012[9]
Industry Total From Individuals From Organizations
Republican/Conservative $1,631,082 $0 $1,631,082
Retired $424,318 $424,318 $0
Real Estate $254,050 $4,050 $250,000
Retail Sales $250,000 $250,000 $0
Recreation/Live Entertainment $150,000 $150,000 $0

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