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Gary Sherman is judge for the Wisconsin Court of Appeals, 4th District. He was appointed by Democratic Governor Jim Doyle, effective May 10, 2010.[1][2][3]

Professional career

Prior to his appointment to the Wisconsin Court of Appeals, Sherman was a Democratic member of the Wisconsin State Assembly. He represented the 74th District since 1998.

Sherman has practiced at the Fairview Law Office in Port Wing, Wisconsin since 1974. He also served as Chief of the Port Wing Fire Department from 1975-1999, and was in the United States Air Force[4]. While on the US Air Force, Sherman served as legal counsel representing the Air Force in all legal affairs. Sherman was also the President of the Wisconsin Bar Association from 1994 to 1995[4].

He is a member of the American Law Institute, Post 531- American Legion, Post 1998 - American Veterans, Democratic Party of Wisconsin, Group Insurance Board, Port Wing Baseball Club, Red Cliff Bar, and the Wisconsin Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.[5]

Court of Appeals bid

Rep. Sherman was one of 11 applicants for the seat on the Wisconsin Court of Appeals that becomes vacant in January of 2010. The seat was vacated by the retirement of Burnie Bridge, whose term does not expire until 2014.[6]. Governor Jim Doyle announced the appointment of Representative Sherman to the Wisconsin Court of Appeals on December 7, 2009[4]. On December 23, 2009, Governor Doyle asked Sherman to serve out his term in the Assembly until the session ends in April of 2010 in which called off a possible special election to fill the seat[7].

Legislation sponsored in 2009 includes:[8]

  • AB-59 Bicycle and EPAMD requirements eliminated re distance from a parked vehicle and audible signal when passing; opening door of a motor vehicle on a highway without checking traffic first prohibited
  • AB-295 Lodging establishment may permit smoking in certain guest rooms
  • AB-344 Ferry operation after hours to transport arrested person: fee to reimburse law enforcement agency created

Campaign donors

The top 5 donors to Sherman's 2008 campaign for the Assembly were labor and professional organizations:[9]

  • 1. WI Education Assoc Council $500
  • 2. WI Federation of Nurses & Health Professionals $500
  • 3. North Central States Regional Council of Carpenters $500
  • 4. Northwest United Educators $500
  • 5. WI Laborers District Council $500

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