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|style="color:#000;" align="right"| [[Georgia ballot news|...more Georgia ballot news]]
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Three races decided, one to run-off in Georgia special elections

By Tyler Millhouse

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On Tuesday, Georgia held four special elections, two for the House of Representatives and two for the State Senate. Three of the special elections, House District 25 and Senate Districts 28 and 50, were runoff elections triggered by the special elections held on November 8 to replace recent political appointees. The fourth race, House District 68, was triggered by another appointment by Governor Nathan Deal (R). Notably, former Rep. Rick Austin (R), who resigned to seek the District 50 Senate seat, was defeated by fellow Republican John Wilkinson. Wilkinson is the Executive Secretary of the Georgia FFA.[1]

So far in 2011, 91 special elections have been held (runoffs excluded) and one more is scheduled. Political appointments are the primary reason for special elections--37.4% of this year's special elections were triggered by appointments. The complete results from Tuesday are as follows:

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