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==2006 Election Results==
==2006 Election Results==
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This table shows all initiatives and referenda that made the ballot in Georgia in 2006.

2006 Election Results

Type Title Subject Description Outcome
LR Amendment 1 Eminent domain Eminent domain reform Approved
LR Amendment 2 Hunting Constitutional right to hunt & fish Approved
LR Amendment 3 License Plates Authorized special license plates Approved
LR Referendum A Ad valorem tax Exemption for farm equipment Approved
LR Referendum B Ad valorem tax Exemption for veterans Approved
LR Referendum C Ad valorem tax Exemption for charitable institutions Approved
LR Referendum D Homestead exemption Exemption for senior citizens Approved
LR Referendum E Homestead exemption Surviving spouses/police/fire Approved
LR Referendum F Homestead exemption Surviving spouse Approved

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