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The Georgia Senate Research Office is a nonpartisan legislative research agency serving members of the Georgia State Senate and the Office of the Lieutenant Governor of Georgia.


The Georgia Senate Research Office was first formed in 1975[1].


The Senate Research Office is led by a Director and Deputy Director that oversees a staff of seven policy analysts and an administrative assistant[2].

Services offered

Bill summaries

The Georgia Senate Research Office produces all bill summaries and bill drafting[3].


The Senate Research Office publishes Session Highlights which highlights which legislation was introduced and passed during a certain legislative session. Upcoming Issues is another publication that publishes important information on important issues that will be discussed during an upcoming legislative session. Also, the Senate Research Office publishes Study Committee Reports that publishes all findings and recommendations made in any of the standing committees of the Georgia State Senate[4].

Open records exemption

Georgia law exempts all documents, files, and requests of the Senate Research Office under the Georgia Open Records Act[5].

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