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("Harry and Louise")
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* [[California Proposition 17 (June 2010)]].  Paid $120,000 through February 9, 2010.<ref>[ Expenditure details for "Yes on Proposition 17" campaign]</ref>
* [[California Proposition 17 (June 2010)]].  Paid $120,000 through May 2, 2010.<ref>[ Expenditure details for "Yes on Proposition 17" campaign]</ref>

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Goddard Clausen Strategic Advocacy is a public relations and political strategy firm with offices in Washington, D.C., and in Sacramento and Roseville, California. Goddard Clausen has a specialty practice in ballot measure campaigns, describing itself having an "industry-leading 9 out of 10 win record on ballot measure campaigns."[1]

Ballot measure campaigns







"Harry and Louise"

Goddard Clausen's "Harry and Louise" ad

Goddard Clausen is responsible for the famous (or infamous, depending on one's perspective) "Harry and Louise" television ad. On their website, Goddard Clausen describes its role in the "Harry and Louise" ad as "National advocacy advertising didn't just happen. It was invented. And we invented it in the early ‘90's with the fictional couple – “Harry and Louise” – created to give a clear, unified voice to those who opposed President Clinton's sweeping health care proposal. The unique campaign, managed by Goddard Claussen, caught the attention of the media, the White House and the American people. A year later, “Harry and Louise” earned a spot on Advertising Age's prestigious “Marketing 100” and was named the Best Public Policy Campaign by the American Association of Political Consultants. It's widely credited as being the key factor in defeating the Clinton Health Plan."[4]

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