Governor Christie introduces constitutional amendment to reform property tax system

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May 10, 2010

By Kyle Maichle

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TRENTON, New Jersey: In a press conference with reporters held at the State Capitol, Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie introduced a constitutional amendment to cap property taxes and government spending as part of a package of 33 legislative measures to reform the state's property tax system[1].

Governor Christie pressed the New Jersey Legislature in the final 51 days of the legislative session to pass a cap that would limit property tax increases by school districts and local government units at no more than 2.5 percent[2]. Also, the constitutional amendment calls for a cap in state government spending for operational purposes at 2.5 percent[1]. If approved by the legislature, the amendment would go on the November 2nd ballot to a vote by all New Jersey citizens.

Another proposal in the legislative package that Governor Christie introduced is moving all school elections to November. Governor Christie stressed to reporters that more participation is needed in school elections citing the April school elections that saw higher voter turnout of nearly twenty-five percent compared to ten percent in 2009[2].

Governor Christie said to reporters: "today, we take an important step closer to lasting property tax relief. I am committed to working with the legislature so we can act and get this done to finally fulfill a long overdue obligation to the people of New Jersey to bring property taxes under control." The property tax cap proposal has earned widespread support from local government officials including Republicans, Independents, and Democrats[2].

The proposals have been delivered to the legislature for its full consideration[2].

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