Governor Christie pushes for constitutional amendment to cap property taxes

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May 4, 2010

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie

By Kyle Maichle

ATLANTIC CITY, New Jersey: Fresh off of an important victory during the annual New Jersey school election day on April 20, 2010, Governor Chris Christie is pushing for a constitutional amendment that would force school districts and local governments to cap property taxes. His remarks advocating for such an amendment were made during a speech to New Jersey's Mayors on April 29, 2010.[1].

Governor Christie said during his speech to the mayors in Atlantic City that he would submit a constitutional amendment to the New Jersey Legislature to cap any property tax increase at 2.5 percent. Christie further stated that the proposed cap: "would be a hard cap, a no exceptions cap. There would be only one safety valve, put it on the ballot." The exception to proposed cap would be automatic referendums for school districts and local governments who want to go above the 2.5 percent proposed cap[1].

Members of the New Jersey Legislature are set to return on May 10th from recess to take up the proposed amendment. The Governor will urge the Legislature to qualify the amendment for the November 2nd ballot. Governor Christie said: "there is no excuse not to put that question on the ballot, especially given what happened on April 20. There’s no excuse."[1]

In New Jersey, constitutional amendments typically go on the ballot in odd-numbered years, as in 2009 and 2007.

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