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The Governor of the State of Idaho is an elected Constitutional officer, the head of the Executive branch, and the highest state office in Idaho. The Governor is popularly elected every four years by a plurality and is limited to two terms.

Current officer

The 32nd and current governor of Idaho is Republican Butch Otter, first elected in November 2006 and returned to office in 2010.

His wife, Lori Easley, is the First Lady of Idaho.


The state Constitution addresses the office of the governor in Article IV, the Executive Department.

Under Article IV, Section 5:

The supreme executive power of the state is vested in the governor, who shall see that the laws are faithfully executed.


Idaho elects governors in the midterm elections, that is, even years that are not Presidential election years. For Idaho, 2006, 2010, 2014, and 2018 are all gubernatorial election years. Legally, the gubernatorial inauguration is always set for the first Monday in the January following an election. Thus, January 3, 2011 and January 5, 2015 are inaugural days.

If two candidates ever tie in the General Election, a joint session of the legislature shall cast ballots to choose the winner.

The term of office of the governor of Idaho is four years. Prior to election, each candidate must pay a filing fee of $300, which is deposited in to the general fund.


Under Section 12, the powers of the governor devolve to the Lieutenant Governor of Idaho at any time that the Governor is unable or unwilling to discharge the office, or has been removed from the office. In such instances, the Lieutenant Governor has all the powers and emoluments as the Governor either until the latter can resume the office or until the next gubernatorial election.

Additionally, under Section 14, if both the Governor and the Lieutenant Governor's offices are both vacant, the duties of the Executive pass first to the President Pro Tem of the Senate and next the Speaker of House of the Representatives.


The governor is responsible for upholding the Idaho Constitution, executing state law and recommending a state budget to the legislature. During special circumstances the governor can call for special sessions of the legislature. The governor has the power to veto bills but must list his objections. The legislature can override a veto by a two-thirds vote of each chamber. In Idaho the governor also serves as the President of the Board of Examiners and Chairman of the Board of Land Commissioners and appoints department heads and members of boards and commissions.


A candidate for governor is required to be:

  • at least thirty-years old
  • a United States citizen
  • a resident of Idaho at least two years prior to the election


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