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[[Category:Wisconsin 2010 local ballot measures]]
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There will be a Grafton Bridge Street Dam Referendum possibly on the January ballot in Ozaukee County for voters in the city of Grafton.

Residents submitted their petition with 2,398 signatures, with 1,556 needed to pass, in order to save the destruction of the Bridge Street dam. In July, the village’s Public Works Committee recommended that the 90 year old structure be removed. Motivation to remove the structure was further found when the Department of Natural Resources told the village that stimulus money from a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration grant would cover the $700,000 estimated cost of the work to remove the dam. If the vote passes and the dam is not removed, the village could still receive a grant in the amount of $1.3 million in order to build a fish ladder to help species swim up river to spawn. A decision by the village is needed by the end of the year so that the NOAA can allocate the funds to remove or add on to the dam. Opponents to removal say it is a landmark and tourist attraction, proponents say that removing it would help the river and the animal life that live in it.[1]