Guillermo Madrid Jr., Mary Garcia, Gloria Rodriguez, and Jesse Gandara Jr, recall, Socorro, Texas (2011)

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An attempt to recall Guillermo Madrid Jr., Mary Garcia, Gloria Rodriguez, and Jesse Gandara Jr, from their elected positions as members of the city council of Socorro Texas, began in late 2010. A recall election was not held due to insufficient signatures.

Of the 500 signatures needed to force a recall for each council member, as of January 14th 2011 it was reported that 550 signatures had been collected for Madrid, approximately 380 for Rodriguez, 300 for Garcia and 250 for Gandara Jr.[1] On February 22, 2011, 600 signatures were turned into in support of the Madrid recall.[2]

The El Paso Times reported on March 15, 2011 that "The recall attempt against Socorro city at-large Rep. Guillermo "Willie" Madrid was hindered as the number of signatures certified by the city clerk were insufficient."[3] A spokesman for the City of Socorro that there were 286 invalid entries in the signatures turned in on February 22nd. As per the city charter, recall organizers have 15 days to "submit an amended petition with the correct information if they want to proceed with the recall effort."[3]

Ralph Duran is leading the recall effort. He is not happy about how the council has been spending money. Duran commented ""We're overpaying for everything, and there are people, good people that were removed and replaced with, probably, friends of the council."[2]

Recall Mayor Garrett

An effort to recall Mayor Gandara is also underway in Socorro in 2011.[2]

Path to the ballot

The ability to force a recall election in Socorro is laid out in the city's charter. According to the recall rules set forth in that charter, a recall election for a city council member can be mandated if a petition is signed by at least 500 voters. There are more than 14,000 registered voters in Socorro according to El Paso County records.[1]

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