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<center>[[Statewide elections, 2010|2010 elections in Hawaii]]: &nbsp; &nbsp; [[File:Star bookmark.png|16px]] &nbsp; [[Hawaii 2010 ballot measures|Ballot measures]] &nbsp; [[File:Star bookmark.png|16px]] &nbsp; [[Hawaii gubernatorial election, 2010|Governor]] &nbsp;  [[File:Star bookmark.png|16px]] &nbsp;  [[Hawaii lieutenant gubernatorial election, 2010|Lt. Gov]] &nbsp; [[File:Star bookmark.png|16px]] &nbsp;  [[Hawaii State Senate elections, 2010|State Senate]] &nbsp; [[File:Star bookmark.png|16px]] &nbsp;  [[Hawaii House of Representatives elections, 2010|State House]]</center></td>
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|style="color:#000;" align="right"| [[Hawaii ballot news|...more Hawaii ballot news]]
|style="color:#000;" align="right"| [[Hawaii political news|...more Hawaii political news]]

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Hawaii Campaign Spending Commission releases 2010 analysis

Honolulu, Hawaii: The Hawaii Campaign Spending Commission has released its analysis of 2010 state legislative campaign spending. The report, which includes data from 1994 onward, tracks the cost of mounting a campaign for the Hawaii State Legislature. The following is a breakdown of the key figures.[1]

Historical Spending:

  • In 1994, the average House candidate spent $17,090. In 2010, the average House candidate spent $20,474. However, this figure is down from 24,237 in 2008 and $25,649 in 2006.
  • In 1994, the average Senate candidate spent $40,716. In 2010, the average Senate candidate spent $34,607. This figure is down from $72,537 in 2008 and $54,388 in 2006.

Winner/Loser Spending:

  • In 2010, the average House winner spent $39,880. The average House loser spent $10,165.
  • In 2010, the average Senate winner spent $$78,823. The average Senate loser spent $13,212.
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  1. Honolulu Civil Beat, "Hawaii 2010 legislative campaigns raked in 5m in total contributions," accessed December 15, 2011