City of Hawthorne Utility Users Tax, Measure V (November 2008)

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A City of Hawthorne Utility Users Tax, Measure V ballot proposition was on the November 4, 2008 ballot in Los Angeles, California for voters in the City of Hawthorne. It was approved.

The proposition asked that the city's utility user tax remain at 5% but be extended to additional utilities.

  • Yes: 15,704 (73.4%)
  • No: 5,694 (26.4%)

The ballot language was:

Shall Ordinance No. 1925 be adopted to maintain the rate of the City of Hawthorne’s Communication Users’ Tax (formerly the Telephone Users Tax and Cable Television Users Tax) at 5%; to revise the method for calculating and collecting the Communication Users’ Tax to reflect technological advances and changes in federal law; to continue the tax exemption for senior-citizen and disabled households; and to ratify and approve the past collection of the Tax?

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