Hazelwood School District, Missouri

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Hazelwood is a school district in Missouri. It is the second largest school district in the St. Louis Metropolitan Area, covering 78 square miles.[1]

Website evaluation

See also: Evaluation of Missouri school district websites

Last rated on March 26, 2012.

The good

  • Budget documents are posted, including tax details.[2]
  • Meeting dates and minutes are available.[3]
  • Names and phone contact details are provided for elected officials and key administrative officials.[3][4]
  • Open bids are listed.[5]
  • A link is provided to the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, which provides academic performance information.[6]
  • Teacher certification and background check details are available.[7]
  • Contact information for the public records officer is disclosed.[8]
  • The most recent audit in 2009 is disclosed.[9]

The bad

  • Email addresses are not listed for elected officials.
  • Awarded contracts are not listed.
  • Audits and budgets for the past 3 years are not posted.


School Board

Current school board members are:[3]

Name Position Term expires
Cheryl D. Latham President 2013
Karlton Thornton Vice-President 2013
Charles Woods Secretary 2014
Ann Gibbons Treasurer 2014
Mark J. Behlmann Director 2012
Desiree D. Whitlock Director 2012
Brenda C. Youngblood, Ph.D. Director 2014

Teacher Contracts

Average total year teacher salaries were:[10]

Year Average total
year salary
2008 $50,076
2009 $50,643
2010 $51,885
2011 $49,940

The 2010-2012 Articles of Agreement between the district and the Hazelwood National Education Association can be found here.

Administrative Officials

Current key administrative officials include:[11]

Name Position
Dr. Steve Price Superintendent
Dr. Ingrid Clark-Jackson Assistant Superintendent, Human Resources
Diana Gulotta Assistant Superintendent, Communications
Dwight Lindhorst Assistant Superintendent, Finance & Facilities
Dr. Ty McNichols Assistant Superintendent for Learning
Dr. Steve Sandbothe Assistant Superintendent for Learning
Julia Burke Thorpe Assistant Superintendent, Student Services
Dr. Grayling Tobias Assistant Superintendent for Learning

Average administrator salaries were:[10]

Year Average administrator
2008 $96,642
2009 $97,917
2010 $98,499
2011 $99,075

Superintendent Dr. Chris L. Wright was chosen by the Missouri Association of School Administrators as the 2009 Superintendent of the Year.[12]


The largest union in the district is the Hazelwood National Education Association.<http://www.hazelwoodschools.org/ABOUTUS/HNEA/Pages/default.aspx Hazelwood National Education Association]</ref>


Hazelwood School District publishes its annual budget on its website.[13]

Expenditures by Category
School Year Staff Expenses Student Services Operational Expenses Debt Service Other Budget Total
Total % of Budget Total % of Budget Total % of Budget Total % of Budget Total % of Budget
2013-2014 $111,023,090 44.4% $0 0% $115,383,586 46.1% $20,281,378 8.1% $3,621,255 1.4% $250,309,309
Averages: $111,023,090 44% $0 0% $115,383,586 46% $20,281,378 8% $3,621,255 1% $250,309,309

Academic performance

The district's 2011 graduation rate was 82.9%, below the state average of 86.7%. The dropout rate for the same year was 3.0%. 30.4% of students entered a 4 year college or university, while 50.4 entered a 2 year college. The district met one of three overall No Child Left Behind Adequate Yearly Progress targets. The attendance rate target was met, while communication arts, mathematics, and graduation rate targets were not met.[10]


Three district schools were added to the persistently-lowest achieving schools list, making them eligible to benefit from grants ranging between $50,000 to $2 million per school. The district applied for grants for Hazelwood East High School, Hazelwood Southeast Middle School and Hazelwood Central Middle School after they were placed on the list based on three years of state assessment data. Grants require one of four reform models be taken. The district favored the "transformation model," which includes steps to create a flatter organization, provide job-embedded professional development, organize learning opportunities at the building level, direct resources to the areas of greatest need, provide equitable resources, and support innovation. This model does not require the replacement of all principals, or the replacement of 50% of each school's teachers.[14]

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