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The following table describes committee membership for the 2011 legislative session.
{{reddot}} '''[[Republican|Republicans]] (10)
*[[Thomas Hooker]]
*[[Kenneth Kurtz]]
*[[Gail Haines]]
*[[Mike Shirkey]]
*[[Wayne Schmidt]]
*[[Paul Opsommer]]
*[[Ken Yonker]]
*[[Matt Huuki]]
*[[Mike Callton]]
*[[Paul Muxlow]]
'''Note:''' [[Paul Scott]] was [[Paul Scott recall, Michigan House of Representatives (2011)|recalled]] from office on November 8, 2011, leaving a vacancy on the committee.
{{Committee members, SLP
{{bluedot}} '''[[Democrat|Democrats]] (6)
|Collapse= Yes
*[[George Darany]]
|Committee= Health Policy
*[[Thomas Stallworth III]]
|year= 2011
*[[Jimmy Womack]]
|Dem1= George Darany
*[[Kate Segal]]
|Dem2= Thomas Stallworth III
*[[Marcia Hovey-Wright]]
|Dem3= Jimmy Womack
*[[Lesia Liss]]
|Dem4= Kate Segal
|Dem5= Marcia Hovey-Wright
|Dem6= Lesia Liss
|Rep1= Thomas Hooker
|Rep2= Kenneth Kurtz
|Rep3= Gail Haines
|Rep4= Mike Shirkey
|Rep5= Wayne Schmidt
|Rep6= Paul Opsommer
|Rep7= Ken Yonker
|Rep8= Matt Huuki
|Rep9= Mike Callton
|Rep10= Paul Muxlow

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Senate Committees

The Health Policy Committee is a standing committee of the Michigan House of Representatives.



The following table describes committee membership at the beginning of the 2013 legislative session.

Health Policy Members, 2013
Democratic members (6)Republican members (11)
George Darany, Vice-chairGail Haines, Chair
David KnezekMike Callton, Vice-chair
Jim AnanichHugh Crawford
Kate SegalBob Genetski
Thomas Stallworth, IIIMike Shirkey
Winnie BrinksFrank Foster
Tom Hooker
Ken Yonker
Dale Zorn
Joseph Graves
Klint Kesto


The following table describes committee membership for the 2011 legislative session.


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