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March 23, 2010


WASHINGTON D.C.: With United States President Barack Obama signing the newly passed federal health care bill into law today, many states are preparing themselves to combat the health care mandates that are on the verge of taking place across the country. Some states are going the route of letting their voters decide what they want, asking whether or not to have a "freedom of health care choice."[1][2]

State lawmakers have been debating the issue in legislative sessions around the nation since convening, with many taking action on what has been the most talked about issue in 2010. Arizona has already sent a statewide ballot question to the November 2, 2010 ballot. The measure, if enacted by a majority of voters, would amend the Arizona Constitution by barring any rules or regulations that force Arizonans to participate in a health-care system. The proposed amendment would also ensure that individuals have the right to pay for private health insurance.[3]

States that have already passed or have proposed these health care questions to the ballot are:

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