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The contributions of a user you might want to block
This page explains how to block users

Ballotpedia's blocking policy explains when or why a user may be blocked. This page only reviews the technical information you need to know if you are going to block a user.

Who can block a user?

To block another user, you must have administrator privileges.

Steps to take

Step 1

Approveda Look in the history section of an article that the to-be-blocked user edited to find a line that looks like this, and click on the word block:

User chosen for blocking.PNG

Step 2

Approveda Once you have clicked on the word "block", you'll be taken to a page that looks like this:

Block menu.PNG

Step 3

Approveda Pull down the menu by the word "expiry" and choose the amount of time you wish this user to be blocked.


Step 4

Approveda Pull down the menu by the word "reason" and choose the option that describes the reason that describes why you are blocking this user.


Step 5

Approveda Check the box that says "prevent account creation". Do not check any other boxes.

Prevent account creation.PNG

Step 6

Approveda Finally, click on the bar that says "block this user", and you're done.

Block this user.PNG