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It is vitally important to check your work.

Because editing an article takes you into the editing window, which contains code, it can be easy to make mistakes. For example, you may ask yourself, "Did I put one set of brackets, or two?" (It makes a difference!)

Follow these steps to check your work before you save:

1. To check your work, click the box at the bottom of the page that says "show preview." This option shows you the page that will be rendered on the top of the window, and the edit box for that page on the bottom. Keep in mind that the outer scroll bars that you see on the right of your window will scroll through the rendered page, and the inner scroll bar will move you up and down within the edit box.

2. Go to the preview of your page and click through the links you have added. Check to see that your internal and external links actually go to the place that you intended. If it does not, go to the edit box and edit the link.

3. Spell check using the spell check link in the editing bar at the top of the editing box.

4. When you make a correction, but it is just a little thing (not a major edit, like rearranging paragraphs or adding new sentences or citations, click the check box above the "Save page" button before you hit "Save page" . . . the button that says
"This is a minor edit."

The rule of thumb about what is a minor edit:
Minor edit: Typo corrections, small formatting changes, such as bolding or moving the location of a table of contents or info box.
Major edit: Any thing that changes the content of the article, including moving sections or rearranging text.

5. Use "show preview" button as many times as you like to make sure the results are what you expect. Just don't forget, when you are pleased with your work, click "save."

6. Click "save page" when you are satisfied with your work.

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