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It is vitally important to check your work.

Because editing an article takes you into the editing window, which contains code, it can be easy to make mistakes. Did you put one set of brackets, or two? (It makes a difference: two sets of delimiting square brackets points you to another article on Ballotpedia; one set points out to somewhere else on the Web!) Do the references work right?

So, click through the links you have added. Spell check.

And when you make a correction, but it is just a little thing (not a major edit, like rearranging paragraphs or adding new sentences or citations, click the check box above the "Save" button before you hit "Save" . . . the button that says "This is a minor edit."

You may find yourself going back to a page many times, to do one little thing or another.

That's OK. It's better than not correcting the error in the first place!