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How to cite your sources:


When you have searched for information and added it to the wiki, you will need to give credit to or cite the source of your information.

You may have found that information at an external link (such as another website), at an internal link (from another page on the wiki), or at an interwiki link (from a page on Judgepedia or Sunshine Review).

Providing the link information enables your readers to explore further or to check for themselves whether the information you are providing is consistent with what your source actually says.

===External links===

An external link points to a website that contains significant amounts of relevant information about the subject of your article.

If you have used information from another location to put on the wiki page, you will need to cite that source at the end of your paragraph. You will need to have:

  1. the URL of the web page where you found the information,
  2. the title of the website,
  3. the name of the article that contained the information, and
  4. the date attached to the article

This information is surrounded by code (called "ref tags") so that a reference number (ex: [1]) will appear on your rendered page, while the link is in your edit box.

Enter the information in the edit box as follows:

<ref>[URL name of website, "title of article in quotation marks," date of article]</ref>

In order for the above information to be shown in a reference section at the bottom of the page, there must be a section entitled "References". If there is no section on the article called "References", you can add one by entering the following information in the edit box:


When you do that, your source information will show up in a "References" section. You need to add that section at the bottom of the page in the edit box.

===Internal Links===

An internal link points to a page within the wiki. This means that an internal link in a Ballotpedia article would lead to a related page on Ballotpedia. The code for this type of link is to place two brackets before and after the target page's exact name.

The pattern is like this:

[[Title of page]]

In the first example on the right, the blue-linked words within the sentences of the article are also the exact name of the page linked to.

However, if you wanted to use a different word or phrase instead of the title to label your link, you could add a pipe ( | ) , then the link label within the brackets.

The pattern is like this:

[[Title of page|link label]]

See the example.

If you wanted to link to a section title on a page, precede the title of the section with a hash tag (or number sign) ( # ). Write your link to look like this:

[[Title of page#title of section]]

Ref tags.png

The code above produces the result below.

Ref tags rendered.png
Link format.jpg

Internal link coding.png
Internal link rendered.png
Link to subsection.png
Image map link.png