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How to start an article:

There are several ways to start an article:

1. Create an article by using the search box.

The first, and easiest way to start and article, is to go to the search box (the top box in the left column of the page) and type the name of your proposed article.

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A page will appear that says there is no page like that, but gives an opportunity to create a page.

You click "create this page", and then it will go to the new page’s editing box.

2. The second way create an article is to create it while you are editing another related article. In Ballotpedia, you can start an article (create a new page) from any page’s editing box. So, while you are writing your article, you may run across a topic that you will write about later, but don’t want to stop to create a new stub page at that point.

So, as you are writing, you can simply add [[ ]] square brackets around the new article’s name.

When you save your article with wiki-link brackets around the title of your new article page, the wiki creates a new page with that name (including a talk page for that article.)

If you are not sure if there is an article with that name already in the wiki, you will want to check before saving by clicking “preview” at the bottom of your editing page.

Then scroll back to the place where your new article's title is, and see if the new article’s name shows up in red. If it does, then there was not a previous page existing in the wiki with that name. When you click save, the new page will be created.

If the name shows up in blue, then you know that the wiki already has an article by that name, and you have created a link to it.

Keep in mind that the wiki will only link to exact matches in the article name. Punctuation and even small spelling errors can make the wiki think that there is not an article on your proposed title. You may want to try several spellings (clicking "show preview" to test each) to see if any of them result in a blue link before you save your article.

Once you determine that you DO want to create the article (with a red link), click "save page" and then click on that link and begin editing your new page (new article).

3. You can also start an article by going to the “sandbox”page's edit box. (just type “sandbox” in the top search box in the left column) and enter the square brackets around you desired article title.

Remember, to start an article, simply place square brackets around your desired article name.

Then click "Show preview." If your article name is in red (scroll to the top to find this), click that name and you will be directed to your new article page, and you can begin to edit it.

In the sandbox, you can just click “cancel” and your changes to the sandbox will not be saved, but your new page will be created.

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