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==School choice==
==School choice==
:: ''See also: [[Florida_school_system#School_choice|Florida school choice]]''
:: ''See also: [[Florida_school_system#School_choice|Florida school choice]]''
According to a recent survey, Hendry County currently has no charter school opportunities, even though Florida has 378 charter schools statewide.<ref>[ Florida Charter School List by District</ref>
According to a recent survey, Hendry County currently has no charter school opportunities, even though Florida has 378 [[charter school]] statewide.<ref>[ Florida Charter School List by District</ref>
==Public Records==
==Public Records==

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Transparency grading process
Hendry County School District is a school district in Florida. The school system has a total attendance of 6,757 students project for the 2009-2010 school year. The Florida Department of Education provides a list of past, current, and future school enrollment totals for each district.

Website evaluation

Main article: Evaluation of Florida school district websites

Last rated February 8, 2012.

The good

  • School board members are listed but only contact information is mailing address.[1]
  • Meeting schedule[2], minutes and agendas are posted.[3]
  • Link provided to FCAT test results/information.[4]
  • Union contracts posted.[5]
  • Current budget is posted.[6]

The bad

  • Past budgets are not available.
  • Administrative officials listed but contact information not provided.[7]
  • Does not provide information on taxes, vendor contracts, audits, background checks, and how to make public record requests.

Teacher Contracts

The current collective bargaining agreement between the HCEA (Hendry County Education Association) and the District School Board of Hendry County organizes salary distribution around seniority and level of education in a specific teacher's field. Amounts range from $33,840 (incoming teachers with a bachelor's degree) to $58,000 (PhD holders with twenty-five or more years of experience). Teachers are also suggested and encouraged to participate in the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS), for which they would receive a one-time subsidy equaling to ninety percent of the participation fee, so long as it does not exceed $1800. In return, the teacher agrees to pay the remaining ten percent of the certification fee and participate in the program during the school year. Additionally, such teachers will receive an annual bonus equal to ten percent of the prior year's average statewide salary for classroom teachers, to be paid in two installment every six months. These bonus opportunities are contingent on adequate federal funding, criteria decided upon by the school board.[8]

School Budget

Total Revenue: $61,622,000
Total Expenditures: $61,352,000
Spending Per Student: $8,096[9]

According to the Superintendent's recent Budget update, the budget for 2009-2010 reflects an overall 9.1% reduction in revenues for the district, which is better than last years 18% reduction. The 9.1% will include $2,300,000 of approved Federal stimulus money.[10]

The Hendry County School District is also slated to receive $1,493,949 in Title I Grant allocations under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan.[11]

Academic Performance


Below is a chart of the school's grade based on the student's performance of the statewide test called the FCAT.[12]

School Level Grade: 2007-08 Grade: 2008-09
Central Elementary School Elementary C C
Clewiston High School High C F
Clewiston Middle School Combination C C
Country Oaks Elementary School Elementary A A
Eastside Elementary School Elementary B A
Edward A. Upthegrove Elementary Elementary A A
Labelle Elementary School Elementary A A
Labelle High School High C D
Labelle Middle School Combination B B
Westside Elementary School Elementary B C


The Hendry County school district is currently under a collective bargaining agreement with the Hendry County Education Association, which negotiates for participation in federally-funded school programs, in addition to general administrative funds.

School choice

See also: Florida school choice

According to a recent survey, Hendry County currently has no charter school opportunities, even though Florida has 378 charter school statewide.[13]

Public Records

In late 2008 reporters organized by the Florida Society of Newspaper Editors requested the most recent budget emails from central Florida county and school district officials in order to audit the responses.

The Hendry County School District responded to the request for e-mails by saying “Why? Are you a reporter?”[14]

See also public record requests meet with confusion in central Florida.


Main article: Florida government sector lobbying

The school district belongs to the Small School District Council Consortium, a government sector lobbying association.[15]

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