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Herbert Frederick, Gerard McNamara and Scott Golden recalls, West Wildwood, New Jersey

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A vote about whether to recall Herbert Frederick and Gerard McNamara from their elected positions in West Wildwood, New Jersey took place in a special recall election on December 7, 2010.[1] Frederick is the mayor of West Wildwood, and McNamara a city commissioner. Both officials retained their seats in the election, although it took a judge until mid-February 2011 to finally settle the election.[2]

A vote about whether to recall Scott Golden, also a member of the West Wildwood city commission, was held on January 11, 2011. Golden also retained his seat.[3]

The recall effort directed at Frederick began in 2009. Those in favor of the recall said that the main reason they wanted Frederick out of office is because of his actions with regard to how water service to the town should be operated and maintained.

The effort directed against McNamara began in April 2010.[4]

West Wildwood has 482 registered voters.[3]

Path to the ballot

  • August 7, 2009: Borough Clerk Dorothy Tomlin was "administratively excused" from any oversight responsibilities for the recall process, and Mayor Frederick appointed Richard Deaney in her place as interim town clerk.[5]
  • August 24, 2009: Richard Deaney certified the notice of intent to recall McNamara.
  • August 2009: A notice of intent to recall Scott Golden is filed.
  • November 20, 2009: Borough Clerk Tomlin says that recall supporters submitted enough signatures to force a recall election, and sets the election for January 26, 2010. Frederick had five business days to decide whether or not to resign his post. He said, "Oh no, I'm not resigning. I was elected to office."[6][7],[8]
  • December 2009: Tomlin moves the election date from January 26 to February 23. Frederick files a lawsuit.[9]
  • February 5, 2010: Superior Court Judge Raymond Batten Judge Raymond Batten rules that deficiencies in the planning and scheduling of the recall election are such that he cannot allow the election to take place on February 23.

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