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{{tnr}}All '''Idaho 2006 ballot measures''' and their current status are as follows. The two ballot measures initiated by '''citizens''' in 2006 '''failed''', whereas both [[legislatively-referred state statute|legislatively-referred]] intiatives '''passed'''.
{{tnr}}'''Four statewide ballot questions''' appeared on the [[2006 ballot measures|November 2006 ballot]] in the state of [[Idaho]].
*'''CI''' stands for Citizen [[initiative]]
*'''LCA''' stands for a [[Constitutional amendment]] proposed by the legislature, as [[Idaho]] does not allow [[initiated constitutional amendment|citizen-initiated amendments]] to the constitution.
==On the ballot==
==On the ballot==

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Four statewide ballot questions appeared on the November 2006 ballot in the state of Idaho.

On the ballot

Type Title Subject Description Result
CI Proposition 1 Education Increases K-12 education funding for local public schools by adding 1% to sales tax Defeatedd
CI Proposition 2 Eminent domain An initiative limiting eminent domain Defeatedd
LCA H.J.R. 2 Marriage State would only recognize a marriage between a man and a woman Approveda
LCA S.J.R. 107 Tobacco Creates a permanent tobacco endowment fund Approveda
- Advisory Vote Property Taxes Would maintain established property tax relief Approveda

Key facts

  • Through 2004, 27 initiatives made the ballot since 1938 when the process began.
  • In 2006, two initiatives appeared on the ballot, bringing the historical total to 29.

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