Idaho 2006 ballot measures

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All Idaho 2006 ballot measures and their status are as follows.

Year Type Initiative Title Subject Matter Description Ballot Status Pass or Fail
2006 CI Proposition 1. Invest in Our Kids' Education Campaign (2006) Education Funding Increases K-12 education funding for local public schools by adding 1% to sales tax Approved for Nov 7 2006 ballot Failed. Yes:204,381 No:245,563
2006 CI Proposition 2(2006) Eminent Domain An initiative limiting eminent domain when used for economic development; defining land use law; and permitting just compensation for regulatory takings Approved for Nov. 7 2006 ballot Failed. Yes:105,778 No:336,083
2006 LCA H.J.R. 2 Defining Marriage The proposed amendment would add a new Section 28 to Article III of the Constitution of Idaho, stating that a marriage between a man and a woman is the only domestic legal union that shall be valid or recognized in the state of Idaho. - Passed. Yes:282,386 No:163,384
2006 LCA S.J.R. 107 Establishing Fund Creates a permanent endowment fund into which 80 percent of the money received annually as a result of the settlement between the state of Idaho and tobacco product manufacturers will be deposited. The remaining 20 percent of the annual settlement will be deposited into the existing Idaho Millennium Fund. - Passed. Yes:229,908 No:165,970
2006 CI Initiative Repealing Idaho's Right to Work Law - Repeals Idaho's Right to Work Law, Idaho code sections 44-2001 through 44-2012. Deadline passed, proponents did not submit required number of signatures. Did not qualify for the ballot.
2006 CI Initiative Abolishing Idaho Judicial Council, Limiting Judicial Immunity and Creating Commission To Review Complaints Of Judicial Misconduct and Providing Sanctions. - Abolishes Idaho Judicial Council and limiting judicial immunity in most instances, creating a 15 member commission to review complaints of judicial misconduct and granting the commission the power and authority to impose sanctions and setting forth the duties of the commission; establishing criteria for commission membership and selection; establishing criteria for the location of commission offices; establishing compensation of commissioners; authorizing the commission to hire special prosecutors, advisors, investigators and staff; establishing procedures for criminal complaints; establishing statutes of limitations Deadline passed, proponents did not submit required number of signatures Did not qualify for the ballot.
2006 CI An Initiative Reducing the License Fees Upon Recreational Vehicles - An initiative reducing the license fees upon recreational vehicles by amending Idaho Code § 49-445. Withdrawn 1/6/2006 -
2006 CI Limiting property tax - An initiative limiting property taxes to one percent of the January 2005 value or the transaction price of the property. Deadline passed, proponents did not submit required number of signatures. Did not qualify for the ballot