Idaho House of Representatives elections, 2010

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Elections for the office of Idaho State House of Representatives will be held in Idaho on November 2, 2010. State house seats in all of the 70 districts will be on the ballot in 2010.

The signature-filing deadline for candidates wishing to run in these elections was March 19, 2010, and the primary election day was May 25, 2010.

In Idaho, representatives serve two-year terms with no term limit.

The incumbent representative is running in 62 out of the 70 house races. (88.57% of races)

Campaign spending

This chart shows how many candidates ran for state house in Idaho in past years and the cumulative amount of campaign spending in state house races, including spending in both primary and general election contests. All figures come from Follow The Money.[1]

Year Number of candidates Total contributions
2008 148 $2,602,887
2006 145 $2,046,895
2004 160 $2,191,196
2002 207 $1,647,917


Article III, Section 6 of the Idaho Constitution states: No person shall be a senator or representative who, at the time of his election, is not a citizen of the United States, and an elector of this state, nor anyone who has not been for one year next preceding his election an elector of the county or district whence he may be chosen.

List of candidates

District 1A

  • Eric Anderson (R) Incumbent Anderson has served in the Idaho House since 2004.

District 1B

  • George Eskridge (R) Incumbent Eskridge has served in the Idaho House since 2001.

District 2A

District 2B

District 3A

District 3B

  • Phil Hart (R) Incumbent Hart has served in the Idaho House since 2004.

District 4A

District 4B

District 5A

  • Robert Nonini (R) Incumbent Nonini has served in the Idaho House since 2005.

District 5B

  • Frank Henderson (R) Incumbent Henderson has served in the Idaho House since 2004.

District 6A

District 6B

District 7A

District 7B

  • John Rusche (D) Incumbent Rusche has served in the Idaho House since 2004.

District 8A

District 8B

District 9A

District 9B

  • Judy Boyle (R) Incumbent Boyle has served in the Idaho House since 2009.

District 10A

District 10B

District 11A

District 11B

District 12A

District 12B

District 13A

  • Brent Crane (R) Incumbent Crane has served in the Idaho House since 2007.

District 13B

District 14A

District 14B

District 29

District 30

District 31

District 32

District 33

District 34

District 35

District 36

District 37

District 38

District 39

District 40

District 41

District 42

District 43

District 44

District 45

District 46

District 47

District 48

District 49

District 50

District 51

District 52

District 53

District 54

District 55

District 56

District 57

District 58

District 59

District 60

District 61

District 62

District 63

District 64

District 65

District 66

District 67

District 68

District 69

District 70

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