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Idaho signature requirements relate only to initiated statutes. Amendments to the Idaho Constitution cannot be accomplished via petition in Idaho.

Signature requirements

The signature requirements are as follows: The number of signatures required is equal to 6% of the registered voters as of the last general election in each of at least 18 legislative districts; provided, however, the total number of signatures shall be equal to or greater than 6% of the qualified electors in the state at the time of the last general election.[1]

Year Statute Veto referendum
2016 47,623 47,623
2014 53,751 53,751
2012 47,432 47,432
2010 51,712 51,712
2008 45,893 45,893

DocumentIcon.jpg See law: Idaho Statutes, Title 34, Chapter 18, Section 34-1805 & SB 1108

Basis of calculation

For an initiated state statute or a veto referendum, signatures collected on petitions must be equal to 6% of qualified electors in the last general election. In November 2010, there were 790,531 such voters[2].


  • For recall, signatures equal to 20% of eligible voters in the last election for the office to be recalled, are required in signatures. The petition must be circulated within 75 days. Judicial officers cannot be recalled.

Geographic distribution ruled unconstitutional

A geographic distribution of signatures used to be required, but was held unconstitutional in 2001 and upheld by the court of appeals in 2003. There are currently no distribution laws in Idaho for petition signatures.

Signature deadlines


For initiated state statutes or veto referendums, the deadline to submit signatures is either 18 months after receiving an approved ballot title from the Secretary of State or April 30, 2012 (if scheduled on the 2012 ballot), whichever is earlier.[3] [4].

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