Illinois Legislative Research Unit

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The Illinois Legislative Research Unit is a non-partisan legislative research service agency that is dedicated to serving the legislators and staff of the Illinois General Assembly.


The Illinois Legislative Research Unit was first formed in 1937[1].

Mission statement

The statutory duty of the Legislative Research Unit (LRU): "is collect information concerning the government and general welfare of the State, examine the effects of constitutional provisions and previously enacted statutes, consider important issues of public policy and questions of state-wide interest, and perform research and provide information as may be requested by members of the General Assembly."[1]


The Legislative Research Unit is governed by a twelve person board which is made up of six members of the Illinois House of Representatives and the Illinois Senate[2]. There is a 28 person staff consisting of an Executive Director and two assistant directors along with 25 other employees on staff[3].

Services offered

Initiative process

The Illinois Legislative Research Unit must conduct research on any constitutional amendment or a statewide question of public policy presented to the voters of Illinois[4].

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