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The Illinois State Board of Education or ISBE, autonomous of the governor and the state legislature, administers public education in the state of Illinois. Local municipalities and their respective school districts operate individual public schools but the ISBE audits performance of public schools with the Illinois School Report Card. The ISBE also makes recommendations to state leaders concerning education spending and policies.

The State Board of Education consists of nine members, all appointed by the governor and approved by the state senate. Board members have a term limit of four years and are limited to two consecutive terms.[1] The board may establish goals, determine policies, provide for planning and evaluating education programs and recommend financing.[2] Specifically the board sets the educational policies for public, private and vocational schools for grades preschool through 12th grade.[1]

There is current debate as to the role of the ISBE and whether or not its autonomous relationship with the governor and the state legislature is appropriate. In 2002, the Office of the Governor proposed the creation of a monolithic statewide department of education to replace the ISBE. However, direct control of the new department would fall under the state governor's jurisdiction. The structure would mimic the system employed by the Hawaii State Department of Education, which has no local school districts. Opponents to the proposal argue that local communities would lose control over what their children would learn in public schools and the means by which those public schools operate.

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