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==Campaign finance reporting==
==Campaign finance reporting==
==Campaign finance discipline==
==See also==
==See also==

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The Illinois Board of Elections is a agency responsible for enforcing all campaign finance and elections laws in the State of Illinois.


The Illinois Board of Elections was formed in 1973 on an act of the Illinois General Assembly. The board came as response from the 1970 Illinois Constitution calling for a central elections authority[1].


The State Board of Elections in Illinois is governed by a eight person board consisting of four Republicans and four Democrats. There is a requirement of two members from each party reside in Cook County and the other two member reside in Downstate Illinois which is outside of Cook County[1].

Selection of members

The Illinois Governor first selects the four members from his own party to serve on the Board. Then, the Governor appoints four members from a list provided from the highest ranking member in the opposition party. Board members serve staggered four year terms. Also, the Board elects a Chairman and Vice Chairman opposite of political parties[1].

Campaign finance reporting

Campaign finance discipline

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