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The Supreme Court of Illinois is the highest judicial court of the state of Illinois. The court's authority is granted in Article VI of the current Illinois Constitution , which provides for seven justices elected from the five appellate judicial districts of the state.[1]. The district encompassing Cook County is represented by three justices, while the other four districts elect one each. Each justice is elected for a term of ten years [2] and the chief justice is elected by the court from its members for a three-year term.

The court has limited original jurisdiction, hears appeals of right in death penalty cases and cases where the constitutionality of laws has been called into question, and has a docket of discretionary appeal from the Illinois Appellate Court. Along with the state legislature, the court promulgates court rules for the state as a whole. Also, its members have the authority to elevate trial judges to the appellate court on a temporary basis. [3] The court administers professional discipline through the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Committee and they govern initial licensing through the Illinois Board of Admissions to the Bar.

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